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  • 10 Fun Facts About the Benefits of Massage - Healing Touch - Reiki

    10 Fun Facts About the Benefits of Massage - Healing Touch - Reiki

    Alexis Smith 10 fun facts about the benefits of massage/healing touch/ reiki 1. Reiki is an ancient energy healing practice that uses the “life force energy” that is found in all things to harmonize the body and bring balance, health, and well-being to the “receiver”. Personal Input/Opinion: I think this is a cool way to get a massage. Bringing balance to the body is an important factor in your everyday life. Peer Reviewed Citation: Reiki Massage - Benefits and Effects of Healing Touch. (2016, February 27). Retrieved February 26, 2017, from 1. Reiki massage

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    Submitted: April 10, 2017 By: alala09
  • A Conqueror’s Tombstreet

    A Conqueror’s Tombstreet

    A Conqueror’s Tombstreet On the 29th of June 1848, in an attempt to redeem his name from the painful scratches of Spain and Manila, Spanish conqueror Don Jose Cruz Uyanguren invaded a portion of southeastern Mindanao and established a town called Nueva Vergara. After establishing Uyanguren’s might with the defeated and trembling tribes inhabiting the area, the foreign world, although continually struggling, finally had its palms on the virgin fertile region. The six-foot white-skinned Spaniards natives never knew, the cannons and goliath-sized ships, and the crosses and religious man-shaped metals were a major snap to

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    Submitted: March 6, 2019 By: Christian Psalms Real Badilles
  • A Little Something to Glance over Here and There

    A Little Something to Glance over Here and There

    A Little Something To Glance Over Here and There January 7, 2017 Side Note Thoughts: Today is another day, where I get a chance to fix and work on myself as a person. Not only as person, but as a phenomenal attorney. With consistency and persistency, all things shall come to past. After looking at the snow fall, and speaking with a former classmate, I realized that we as a people must come together. Even though President Donald Trump will be elected into the white house in 13 days, which is less than two weeks,

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    Submitted: April 20, 2017 By: brittanyjordan
  • A Study on the Issue of Traditional Games Are Forgotten Among Students

    A Study on the Issue of Traditional Games Are Forgotten Among Students

    LITERATURE REVIEW The Oxford Student's Dictionary of English (2009) defines game as ‘a form of play or spot with rules and traditional defines as ‘a custom, belief or way of doing something that has continued from the past to the present. According to Rudi Corens, one of the education practitioners particularly for children education at GadjahMadaUniverstiy (UGM) in Yogjakarta, children who do not know traditional games will not what their forebears or ancestors want to teach them. YunitaTyazz (2013) in his article Traditional Games for Better Education stated that through the games, children are taught

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    Submitted: January 27, 2015 By: jet92
  • Adding Value to Society

    Adding Value to Society

    Adding Value to Society Today Srikanth Kummari 2017 batch JGU alumni, is involved with political parties on the grass root level trying to understand and frame policies from ground up to address issues bothering the farmers and the common people. But in the beginning of his journey before he came to JGU , Srikanth was on a different path altogether. He was an engineering graduate in Electronics and communication and also the first person in his family who was primarily into farming to complete graduation and was looking towards a usual IT career. A watershed

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    Submitted: March 10, 2019 By: mahi
  • Adolescence — ‘storm and Stress’.

    Adolescence — ‘storm and Stress’.

    Adolescence and Social Change By Xiyun Xu 1. Adolescence — ‘Storm and Stress’ Adolescence, a transitional period of growth and development between childhood and adulthood was once an ambiguous phrase and has been neglected until Stanley G. Hall (1904) first identified adolescence as a period of sturm und drang (“storm and stress”). His view that adolescence was a turbulent stage accompanied by conflicts between contradictory emotions like energy, curiosity and indifference continued to be addressed and challenged by psychologists. However, rarely has this storm-and-stress view been considered correctly and much researches have been conducted into

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    Submitted: March 10, 2019 By: ceci
  • Aids Vaccine a Must for Our Future

    Aids Vaccine a Must for Our Future

    Aids vaccine a must? The disease HIV/Aids has a major impact on social and economic development. Poverty is increasing in many countries as households lose one or both breadwinners to AIDS. Public services and private companies are reeling from the impact of HIV/AIDS related sickness and death among their workforce. It is highly unlikely that the disease will ever be eradicated without new scientific developments, therefore, unless great progress is made in prevention, the number of people living with HIV/AIDS will outstrip the resources available for treatment. As a qualified AIDS counselor I believe that

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    Submitted: July 14, 2014 By: alexnorth1311
  • Alcohol Abused

    Alcohol Abused

    ALCOHOL ABUSED In the last few years it is observed that a large number of youngsters have the tendency to alcohol abuse. The government and the media are really concern about how to prevent this significant problem. There are many factors that must cope with this problem and find solutions. The first point to make is the major issue which is the school. Usually, the pupils are getting bored in classrooms and they want to try new things to run away and relax from adolescence’s problems. Also they worried about their reputation and decide to

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    Submitted: December 24, 2016 By: XENIA
  • Alford Jaar

    Alford Jaar

    ALFREDO JAAR – Installation/Ambientacion The Eyes of Gutete Emerita is a photography exhibit that serves as witness to one woman's suffering in the Rwandan genocide of 1994. It leads viewers to question the efficacy of words over photographic images and to consider the ways in which they interact to create meaning outside the boundaries of either medium. When Alfredo Jaar went to Rwanda in August of 1994 he went to the Ntarama Church were 400 Tutsi men, women, and children gathered to escape the killing and were instead brutally slaughtered. Jaar meet a woman by

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    Submitted: June 24, 2013 By: LookTequ
  • Allowance


    Allowance In this generation, allowance is a weekly or daily incentive given to many children by their parents. Allowance could be given just to show responsibility or to be given as a reward for completing chores and behaving properly. These key reasons for giving allowance are very unnecessary; in contrast, I think allowance should not be given. Furthermore, majority of children are very irresponsible with their decision making, and they shouldn't be rewarded for things you are supposed to do. In fact, some families aren't as financially stable to provide allowance at all and if

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    Submitted: October 31, 2016 By: Sirkayjay
  • An Analysis of the Cause of Eddiction

    An Analysis of the Cause of Eddiction

    An Analysis of the Cause of Eddiction With the rocketing development of mobile network and popularization of portable electronic devices, eddiction has become a buzzword raising concern among people. It’s not rare that students lower their heads browsing from Wechat to QQ, from Weibo to Taobao and then falling into an endless loop. Even worse, sensations like people indulging themselves into the screen unfortunately crashing into a car expose the harm of eddiction. As far as I’m concerned, the cause of eddiction can be categorized into two aspects. Firstly, in terms of the electronic device

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    Submitted: June 28, 2016 By: fsy9511
  • An Argument Against the Federal Government’s Involvement in K-12 Education

    An Argument Against the Federal Government’s Involvement in K-12 Education

    A One Size School does not Fit All An Argument Against the Federal Government’s Involvement in K-12 Education “By the time I was in the fourth grade, I had been held back twice, disliked school, and honestly believed I’d end up a high-school dropout. Instead… I earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of West Florida in interdisciplinary social science with a minor in juvenile justice” (Merriweather). Denisha Merriweather came from a family that never sent anyone to college and in elementary school, she was already starting to struggle, her problem wasn’t that wasn’t smart,

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    Submitted: February 1, 2016 By: lttoglia14
  • Analysis of Theft and Burglary in Alhambra Village

    Analysis of Theft and Burglary in Alhambra Village

    Analysis of Theft and Burglary in Alhambra Village November 1st, 2014 ________________ Modern policing has come a long way from just going out and catching the bad guys. It has evolved from the basics of tracking down and arresting criminals to the more complex idea of problem oriented policing. According to Crime Analysis for Problem Solvers in 60 Small Steps, problem oriented policing is defined as “analyzing and solving crime problems” (Clarke & Eck, 2009). One of the tools the book describes is the SARA Model. SARA is an acronym that represents the four steps

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    Submitted: September 2, 2018 By: nthnwlf
  • Application of Corrective Measures

    Application of Corrective Measures

    Application of Corrective Measures When actual results are less than anticipated results?corrective measures become necessary. Suppose, for example, that an office employee fails to produce the anticipated or expected rate. The manager or supervisor who has the needed authority to take corrective action against the employee will then have to determine whether corrective measures should be applied to this situation. Without this authority, the managers or supervisor's effectiveness will be greatly diminished. In an organization that uses TQM and that has "empowered" its employees, the corrective action most likely will extensively involve the members of

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    Submitted: January 6, 2015 By: hokui_sin
  • Beach Ameland Social Media Plan

    Beach Ameland Social Media Plan

    Inleiding Dit social Mediaplan is opgesteld voor het bedrijf Beach Ameland. Beach Ameland wil meer mensen trekken en hun doelgroep beter bereiken. In dit plan zal hier aandacht aan worden besteed. Om meer mensen te trekken via de social media zijn er verschillende media te gebruiken. Welke we gebruiken en waarvoor wordt in dit verslag duidelijk. Stappen plan 1. Bepaal je doelstelling De doelstelling van Beach Ameland van het gebruik van social media is meer week en dag toeristen te trekken en vooral ook meer bedrijven te lokken. 2. Waarom Social Media? Het gebruik

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    Submitted: November 23, 2013 By: nattaass
  • Benefit of Videoing Police

    Benefit of Videoing Police

    Benefit of videoing police Benefit of videoing police in action is there is another record of whether police do their jobs legally and safely. Citizens gain some leverage in the "my word against the policeman's word" context. Drawback occurs if a citizen videoing police obstructs the police's ability to do their job. Frankly, I have a love-hate relationship with surveillance technology. I feel it infringes my desire for privacy and to be left alone. On the flip tip, as a resident of color in northeast, and in the back of my mind, I want witnesses

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    Submitted: July 6, 2013 By: bingrfw
  • Benefits of Being a Minority Racist

    Benefits of Being a Minority Racist

    Benefits of Being A Minority Racist Fight! Fight! Fight! Every so-called young adult in the hallways of Spring High were screaming at the top of his or her lungs as we passed from sixth period to seventh. All I could think to myself as it came clear to what I was seeing, was "Damn!" I was witnessing a hate crime right before my eyes, but in this case the minorities were the ones committing this heinous crime on an innocent white male. The young Caucasian student stood up for his younger sister who was being

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    Submitted: August 5, 2014 By: andy1210
  • Bill Hb 537

    Bill Hb 537

    Jamel Newsome Instructor Longo November 8, 2016 CJAD 301: Criminal Law Bill 537 Texting and driving are dangerous in today's society, especially in our nation. Drivers text on their phones every day, even though they know the dangers that come with it. With the rise of cutting edge technology, the rise of several car accidents around the nation is as well. There are laws to combat the influx of incidents, but is it working? The State of Florida is trying to pass harsher laws on the use of wireless devices while operating an automobile. The

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    Submitted: December 9, 2016 By: jamel88
  • Body Ritual of the Nacirema Essay

    Body Ritual of the Nacirema Essay

    Body Ritual of the Nacirema Essay In writing "Body Ritual of the Nacirema"; Horace Miner describes a culture that seems strange and full of weird rituals. He speaks of odd body rituals that take place in a shrine; he refers to a great leader that had great feats of strength. He allows us to look upon this "tribe" as though it was from some dark corner in Africa, yet it isn't. The Nacirema are Americans and all those strange behaviors are things we all did this morning. The author takes us to an out of

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    Submitted: June 18, 2014 By: kcchiefs00
  • Brain Drain from Pakistan

    Brain Drain from Pakistan

    Brain Drain from Pakistan Introduction • Brain drain is the large-scale migration of individuals with technical skills or knowledge. Pakistan is developing country. In Pakistan there is so much talent in every walk of life, the only need is to make use of that talent so that, that talent can help in making the progress. In Pakistan the main issue is power. If you have power source or reference you can get job very easily, but if you don't have then you cannot enter into any good field. So if talented people are not getting

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    Submitted: October 25, 2012 By: Shafqat
  • Breast Cancer and Sexuality

    Breast Cancer and Sexuality

    Uniquia Thompson November 12, 2013 Breast Cancer and Sexuality Breast cancer has become a significant scientific, clinical, and societal challenge. Globally, breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of death in women (Yarber There are about 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the United States, and women who are diagnosed at the earliest stage have a 93% survival rate (American Cancer Society). Sadly, the result of a breast cancer diagnosis sometimes results in death. White women have a slightly greater risk for developing breast cancer than African-American women,

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    Submitted: August 6, 2018 By: uthompson92
  • Breastfeeding in Public

    Breastfeeding in Public

    SHOULD WOMEN BREASTFEED IN PUBLIC? Public breastfeeding includes the practice of mothers having their babies suckling in public or open view of the general public (Scott et al. 2015). Mothers used to breastfeed freely in public because they had no worries that their practice could be viewed as indecent in public opinion. Today people have different feelings on whether breastfeeding in public is ethical because the perceive breasts as private parts that should not be exposed in public. Others feel that children needs should be prioritized regardless of whether a mother is in the eyes

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    Submitted: April 25, 2019 By: katilynj
  • Building a More Just Society

    Building a More Just Society

    Building a More Just Society Brandii Whitley CRJ201 Introduction to Criminal Justice Tammi Clearfield February 17, 2019 ________________ Building a More Just Society Juvenile Justice and Law Enforcement - (Case No. 1) The criminal justice issues in law enforcement can be described for as policing, technology and cultural. Community-oriented policing, according to the Department of Justice (2016) “Community policing begins with a commitment to building trust and mutual respect between and officer and the community.” Secondly, increasing the use of technology can make it easier for law enforcement officers to ensure the safety of the

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    Submitted: March 4, 2019 By: brandiiw
  • Bullying: The Imbalance of Power in The Workplace

    Bullying: The Imbalance of Power in The Workplace

    BULLYING: THE IMBALANCE OF POWER IN THE WORKPLACE TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 PROBLEM 4 DISCUSSION OF FINDINGS 5 Psychological Effects of Workplace Bullying 5 Physical Effects of Workplace Bullying 6 The Negative Impact of Bullying on a Company 6 CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 7 WORKS CITED 8 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS 1 Bullying: Other Negative Behaviours 4 2 A Schema of Bullying at Work 5 Executive Summary Purpose Workplace bullying is not a new phenomenon, but it is an existing issue that needs to be addressed more in society today. Bullying, in general has most

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    Submitted: February 19, 2016 By: tooba123
  • Burley-Allen Reflective Essay

    Running Head: REFLECTIVE JOURNALING ENTRY 3 Reflective Journaling Entry 3 ________________ Wk4 #3 In this week’s lesson Burley-Allen (1995) refers to 3 levels of listening and how it plays a part in understating the method of listening. The first level involves empathetic listening, level 2 is hearing words, but not paying attention to what we are hearing and the last level is listening spurts. There are many things that I hear throughout my day that really do not understand when the others are speaking. I am always respectful and listen to what the person is

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    Submitted: July 14, 2018 By: YoYo2310
  • Business Law Assignment

    Business Law Assignment

    BUSINESS LAW ASSIGNMENT Business Law assignment Professor Institution Date Contracts are pacts entered into by two or more parties creating an authorized commitment for the parties concerned to perform specific acts. They contain provisions which are part of the pact. These provisions are what are referred to as Terms of the contract. All the terms bring on lawful obligation which means incase of breach of a term, parties can seek remedy by claiming damages. Terms may be included in an agreement in two ways; expressly or impliedly. Express terms are terms which are clearly announced

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    Submitted: May 21, 2019 By: cito
  • Business Research and Statistics - Qualitative and Quantitative Research

    Business Research and Statistics - Qualitative and Quantitative Research

    Weekly Summary Report Weekly Summary Report – 2 (Six-point summary) Sumit Gour Student id: 3606617 University of New Brunswick Saint John 7605 Business Research and Statistics * Business research types In this segment we know about two types of research methods. Qualitative and Quantitative. Qualitative research provides us underlying reasons of a business problem and opinions that affect it. Quantitative research is used to quantify a problem by producing statistical data and analysing it to derive results. Qualitative Research types: 1. Phenomenology—originating in philosophy and psychology 2. Ethnography—originating in anthropology 3. Grounded theory—originating in sociology

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    Submitted: January 23, 2019 By: Sumit Gour
  • Cals374 Gender Roles

    Cals374 Gender Roles

    Zavala Sabrina Zavala Nora Wilkins CALS 374 3/52018 Gender Roles Gender roles have had an effect on how people socialize since the beginning of time and are constantly changing how people act, live, and even characterize themselves. These roles may affect many groups of people but for some reason do not have much of an impact on the Latino community. Being traditional and continuing typical family rituals are very important to Latinos, therefore people typically do not conform to modern gender roles. The short stories from “Woman Hollering Creek” by Sandra Cisneros compare different Latino

    Essay Length: 1,716 Words / 7 Pages
    Submitted: April 15, 2019 By: Sabrina Zavala
  • Case Brief - Lebron V Flordia

    Case Brief - Lebron V Flordia

    . Lebron v. Florida, 820 F.Supp.2d 1273 (M.D. Fla. 2011) FACTS In July 2011, Luis W. Lebron, who was an honorably discharged navy officer, applied for Florida’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program (“TANF”) for himself and his young son. One of the qualifications for acceptance into the program was the signed release and consent to drug testing and the conditional approval for assistant upon a negative return of a drug test in the form of urine analysis. Lebron signed the form, giving consent to test, but filed suit before ever taking the actual drug

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    Submitted: June 10, 2016 By: Brittany Hansard
  • Catalysing Private Sector Financial Support for Moving Small and Medium-Scale Farmers into Commercial Agriculture

    Catalysing Private Sector Financial Support for Moving Small and Medium-Scale Farmers into Commercial Agriculture

    African Agriculture Risk Management Services Steve Hodges, Managing Director/Consultant +211-955-593085 (South Sudan) +256-788-461348 (Uganda) Office: UMCOR Compound, Aba Road, Yei, South Sudan 1. Catalysing private sector financial support for moving small- and medium-scale farmers into commercial agriculture Lessons from Uganda and South Sudan The multitude and complexity of the risks in the agricultural sector make it unattractive for commercial lenders and private sector investors. Steve Hodges suggests three ways to mitigate these risks: conducting comprehensive risk assessments, encouraging banks to engage with multi-stakeholder committees and promoting model farmers. In countries like Uganda and South

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    Submitted: August 10, 2018 By: stevehodges

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