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Cyber Bullying

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Cyber bullying, a 13 letter word that defines a very serious act and issue, its cases have been increasing worldwide as time goes by and as many people continue to dive in the internet world without limitations and proper discipline. What do we really know about cyber bullying except its meaning? How can this Internet issue give a very big impact among every victims?

Cyber bullying can negatively affect anyone, a child, teenager, and even adults. This issue can be caused by inappropriate usage of the internet. People who lack knowledge and self-discipline often use the internet without limitations, they sometimes post something that may offend and hurt other people. It comes in simple ways, such as posting stolen bad shots of a person, and sometimes its cause is purely intentional, like attacking a certain person on the internet.

The effect of this act can damage and taint someone’s life. We may think that those people are sensitive but truly they are not, their “Sensitivity” is caused by our own insensitivity. Intentional bullying can create more damage, it affects someone’s mental, physical, and emotional health. That leads to depression and worst is suicide. This is much worse than bullying, bullying someone in cyberspace is very humiliating,


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