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Benefits of Being a Minority Racist

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Benefits of Being A Minority Racist

Fight! Fight! Fight! Every so-called young adult in the hallways of Spring High were screaming at the top of his or her lungs as we passed from sixth period to seventh. All I could think to myself as it came clear to what I was seeing, was "Damn!" I was witnessing a hate crime right before my eyes, but in this case the minorities were the ones committing this heinous crime on an innocent white male. The young Caucasian student stood up for his younger sister who was being racially harassed by two African American boys. Unfortunately as the young boy tried to walk away with his sister, the two African American punks began pounding him with windmill like haymakers directly to the face and body. Unbelievably, fellow peers cheered on with racist slurs towards the white boy as the two cowards continued to pummel him to the ground. Not to anyone's surprise, the proud to be African American assistant principal known for being bias when it comes to race, put the poor little white boy in handcuffs. Meanwhile, leaving the two young black thugs completely alone. Extremely annoyed and bothered with the racial bias clearly being portrayed, I knew in my heart and soul I should not let this stand.

After making my way through the crowed halls and to class, I asked my teacher for a permit to go to the office where the victim and the two other boys involved were being held. I felt it was necessary to testify to what I had witnessed. Of course the first thing I see as I walked into the schools second floor office, was two other black girls, and one Mexican boy who literally had to stand bowlegged just to keep his pants from falling anymore off his butt.

Rodriguez. P. 2

Needless to say, they were there to defend their friends, the assaulters. For some odd reason, the assistant principal didn't feel the victim's sister who was being tormented by these morons, was relevant to the case and did not have to be there. So she sent her off back to class, but not without the threat of suspension if she was to cause any more problems. I wonder if she new that, this young girl was on honor roll and was the head student in charge of the Best Buddies program for Spring High. Most likely not, probably because she was white, obviously the only thing she could be is a spoiled racist brat.

Anyways, as I stood there in the office waiting to sign in, I could not help but hear this ridiculous assistant principal chew this young innocent white boy out, and continue to lecture him on how he is crazy if he thinks he is going to get off as the victim just because he's white. The only words I recall being told to these thugs by this disgrace in charge was in a laughing manner. "Why yall gon do that to that po boy, don yall know heh daddy gon sue yall?' I couldn't help but cringe, bite my tongue, and stand there in disgust. Seeing that I didn't laugh


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