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The Benefits of Herbal Steam Bath.

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The benefits of herbal steam bath.

Toxin Removal: Traditional herbal steam bath/therapy is one of the most efficient methods of ridding the body of toxic wastes through the skin and lungs. The highly aromatic medicinal herbs quickly absorb into the bloodstream and circulate directly to every tissue of the body, delivering their therapeutic powers to each and every cell. It also will opens the pores and allows the herbal aromas to enter the skin to draw toxins out with the sweat.

Loss Weight: 30 minutes herbal steam session will burn approximately 600 calories. Weight loss occurs because body fat becomes water-soluble at 43ÂșC and the body sweats it out. It is proven that for one hour session of treatment, it could reduce 2 KGs of body weight.

Respiratory problems: Herbal steam baths also good for those who suffer respiratory problems such as bronchitis, asthma, sinus and allergies. The aromatic herbal steam will remove allergens and mucus from the lung. It will also provide a soothing quality for the breathing passages since it raises the moisture level in the lungs, throat and nose. People that suffer from respiratory ailments find they feel much better after indulging in our herbal steam bath.

Dead Skin removal: A good sweat will contribute towards a healthy skin. Sweating helps the skin to release the pores and removes the dead cells. It will also help a good blood circulation to the skin. It is also as the best way to reduce cholesterol level in the body.

Pain Relief: Herbal steam bath can be practice as a method


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