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An Analysis of the Cause of Eddiction

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An Analysis of the Cause of Eddiction

With the rocketing development of mobile network and popularization of portable electronic devices, eddiction has become a buzzword raising concern among people. It’s not rare that students lower their heads browsing from Wechat to QQ, from Weibo to Taobao and then falling into an endless loop. Even worse, sensations like people indulging themselves into the screen unfortunately crashing into a car expose the harm of eddiction. As far as I’m concerned, the cause of eddiction can be categorized into two aspects.

Firstly, in terms of the electronic device themselves, the advantage of convenience makes people really depend on them. Imagine days without your chatting applications in smart phone and laptop, you may feel anxious and helpless not sharing your life with your friends far away in long distance and knowing nothing happened to them. Such is an evitable tendency that people are willing to choose to communicate through the convenient electronic device which is not limited in time and space compared to traditional means of communication.

Secondly, the common loneliness of modern people also accounts for the phenomenon of eddiction. Under the fast pace of urban life and great pressure of making a living, communications with each other have become utilitarian, estranging the relationships among people and making people feel lonely. Under such circumstances, people would rather immerse themselves into virtual world build by electronic devices and Internet to seek contentment and security.

In general, causes of eddiction include the advantaged of the electronic device itself and the loneness of people in modern society. (255)


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