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Wal-Mart Case Study Analysis

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Written Assignment #1: Case Study Analysis (Team Project)

As we know, no organization is immune to problems. However, the companies that survive are the ones that can spot ethical issues and correct them before they become problems.

Poor corporate ethics involve more than one individual. There is a huge amount of controversy on Walmart's alleged unethical business practices.

After watching the video in class (Is Walmart good for America?):

What values Walmart and it's leaders produced in corporate culture?

Take into consideration the title of the video Is Walmart good for America?, from the perspective of ethical leader. If you are advising Walmart what would you advise and why? Defend your position with sound evidence.


Wal-Mart is known around the world for its retails and helping consumers earned money. Wal-Mart has its unique corporate culture, and the culture helps Wal-Mart become more and more popular.

Wal-Mart has its three basic beliefs: "respect for the individual, service to the customer and strive for excellence." First, every employee's opinion


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