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Case Study Analysis

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In a market which is dominated by Apple and Samsung, Google has come up with their own smartphone which indicates Google’s push into the $400 billion smartphone business. At the risk of distancing partners like Samsung and LG that sell Android powered smartphones. “Our goal is to build a personal Google for each and every user” said Sundar Pichai at the launch event for their new smartphone called ‘Pixel’. Pixel and Pixel XL is the first phone that is planned, designed, engineered and tested in-house by Google. This handset is a direct competitor to Apple which is currently dominating the smartphone industry.

The emergence of the personal computer was one example of such competition. During the 1980’s, competition was tense between Apple, IBM, Sinclair, and Commodore. Ultimately, the power of market forces resulted in the favor of Apple and Microsoft, where computers now are either produced by Apple, or preinstalled and shipped with Windows. Now, in 2016, the smartphone world looks set to follow a distinctly similar path.

Google highlighted five main features of the new Google Pixel phones — New Google Assistant, unlimited storage for videos and pictures on google cloud, new 12.3 mega pixel camera, Daydream View virtual reality headset compatibility and fast charging. Now the cellphone is priced at 649$ which seems costly but is cheaper than the latest iPhone 7. Google may bring about a revolution with the introduction of its new Google Assistant, which is a direct competition to iphone’s Siri. Now it remains to be seen who will surpass whom?


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