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  • Songs for Ma's Party

    Songs for Ma's Party

    Songs for Ma's Party Children's Story- Slick Rick, Friends (How many of us have them), I wanna be your man- Roger and the Zapp band, Big Papa- Biggie Smalls, One more chance- Biggie Smalls, 2 Occasions- Deele, I need love- L.L., It's tricky- Run DMC, Wild Wild West- kool mo Dee, Right to party, Juicy- Biggie Smalls, Get like me- Nelly, Baby I'm ready, Prince songs, Madonna, Remember the time- Michel Jackson, Good love to me- Whitney Houston , Him or Me- Today, Diva- beyonce ,I'm going down- Mary J. Bilge, Blurred Lines- Robin thicke,

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    Submitted: December 21, 2014 By: deenijza
  • Street Gangs in the Usa

    Street Gangs in the Usa

    Running head: STREET GANGS IN THE U.S Street Gangs in the U.S Name: Institution: Abstract The paper is a research on the existence of street gangs in the U.S, their prevalence levels, level of criminal involvement and other general information concerning street gangs. Gangs have continued to thrive in urban, suburban and the rural areas in the U.S through the recruitment of new members. This has led to strengthening of gangs to the extent of influencing criminal enterprises like drug- trafficking businesses. As the paper comes to a conclusion, it looks at the misconceptions by

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    Submitted: April 11, 2017 By: makau
  • Stress Effect on Nutrition

    Stress Effect on Nutrition

    Izyy Avocado Mrs.Sieraki RDG099- Article Analysis Assignment November 28, 2017 Stress Effect on Nutrition In the article of “Stress Effect on Nutrition “Researchers Dr. Vicki Griffin, Dr, Edwin Neblett and Evelyn Kissinger have stated that“A faulty diet can certainly be a source of stress. Conversely, stress can lead to poor dietary habits.”( Paul Rosch).These researchers have all proven and stated that the choices you make in life can affect lead to a poor nutrition. Some key points to look out from this is Prolonged Stress affect nutrition status needs; “Prolonged stress increases the metabolic needs

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    Submitted: December 9, 2017 By: Esmi1812
  • Stresses in My Life

    Stresses in My Life

    “Stresses in My Life” ​People say old age brings on gray hair. In my experience, stress gives me my white hair. Stress can cause anxiety, make one sick, lead to loss of sleep, and lead to many health problems. Many patients suffer from headaches and high blood pressure just related to stress. As much as individuals try to avoid stress, it is inevitable. I try to tell myself I can handle the stress in my life, but sometimes I am ready to pull out my hair. In the following, I will explain the major

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    Submitted: September 27, 2018 By: Tpatel
  • Strong Reciprocity, Human Cooperation and the Enforcement of Social Norms

    Strong Reciprocity, Human Cooperation and the Enforcement of Social Norms

    In Fehr, E., Fischbacher, U., Gächter, S., 2002a. Strong reciprocity, human cooperation and the enforcement of social norms, the author challenge the self-interest assumption, and indicates that people are more willing to voluntary cooperate, with the punishment to non-cooperators. This behavior is called “strong reciprocity”. According the Ginits (2002), a person is a strong reciprocator if she is willing to sacrifice resources to be kind to those who are being king(strong positive reciprocity). On the other hand, negative reciprocity is when she is willing to sacrifice resources to punish those who are being unkind. The

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    Submitted: October 31, 2017 By: JJBOOBOO
  • Structures of African Music

    Structures of African Music

    Spring Break Mid-Term Exams Nketia: Section Three. 10-12. Structures of African Music. Diallo 9-13 Film: Bebey: 119. The Human Voice. Nketia: 13-15. Organization of Vocal Music Presentation of instruments and a class Jam session. Film: The Black Diasporic Encounters: A study of The Music of Fela Sowande. Article By Bode Omojola Film: Repercussions: A Celebration of African-American Music Study Questions: What elements of traditional African music and ritual are evident in the Caribbean! What role does music play in the persistence of these elements? Film: Repercussions: Legends of Rhythm and Blues Nketia: 19-21Music and Related

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    Submitted: November 6, 2014 By: mannymayweather
  • Study on Organ Donations

    Study on Organ Donations

    Results & Discussion Organ Donation By Nouf Aleissa Prince Sultan University College for Women IR 101 Dr. Roz/ Dr. Carmen Medina Section #: 90 Email Address: Purpose of the study Organ and tissue transplantation is considered one of the most effective forms of medical treatment that saves lives and improves quality of life for patients with organ failure. Most people support organ donation but only one third have registered their wishes to be a donor, despite a number of high profile campaigns in recent years. Many people on the waiting list for organ donation

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    Submitted: November 6, 2016 By: nalissa
  • Substance Abuse Treatment

    Substance Abuse Treatment

    Abstract There are many individuals who suffer from substance abuse dependency. Even with treatment for substance abuse some individuals struggle to maintain sobriety and have a successful life with stability and security in all aspects. The reason for some ineffective treatment is the negligence to treat not only the substance abuse dependency but also other causative factors such as comorbid mental illness and or any previous traumatic events that may have occurred in the individuals past that may have contributed to the substance abuse. Effective substance abuse treatment in individuals with any other causative factors

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    Submitted: June 4, 2012 By: Max
  • Teaching Children Resilience Chapter 1

    Teaching Children Resilience Chapter 1

    Introduction to the Chapter The purpose of this article is to present information relating to the importance of a proactive approach to teaching children resilience. Resilience is the ability to bounce back after facing a hardship or adversity. Teaching children resiliency at early ages, and implementing strategies and practices throughout the development of the child will equip them with tools to lead a healthy lifestyle in the face of adversity. The roles of families and communities is integral for teaching and modeling a healthy and resilient lifestyle. The first chapter of the article presents the

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    Submitted: October 14, 2018 By: mlrutland
  • The Characteristics of Process Design, and Describes How to Influence the Performance Objectives of Production Operations from the Following Six Aspects

    The Characteristics of Process Design, and Describes How to Influence the Performance Objectives of Production Operations from the Following Six Aspects

    This report mainly describes the characteristics of process design, and describes how to influence the performance objectives of production operations from the following six aspects. At the beginning, there are three main principles of shop floor layout: layout by process, layout by product, and layout by fix position. Firstly, the principle of process specialization is to arrange the arrangement of production units or equipment according to the characteristics of the production process. In this arrangement, similar production units or equipment are put together. For example, the mechanical manufacturing plant separately sets the lathe, grinder and

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    Submitted: December 24, 2018 By: txcy999
  • The Dream of Sleep: A Behavioral Modification

    The Dream of Sleep: A Behavioral Modification

    The Dream Of Sleep: A Behavioral Modification Gregory Ryan Liberty University   Abstract The target behavior I have chosen to modify is my sleeping patterns. I have lived on 2-4 hours of sleep a night since my early childhood without incident. For this reason I have never considered my lack of significant sleep an issue that needed correcting. A few times a month I would pass out for 14-16 hours and otherwise function just fine on minimal sleep. It was not until earlier this year that my brain began scattering and I slow began

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    Submitted: August 12, 2016 By: theboynotorious
  • The Effect of Stress on College Student Athletes Versus Non-Athletes

    The Effect of Stress on College Student Athletes Versus Non-Athletes

    The Effect of Stress on College Student Athletes versus Non-Athletes Stephen Collamore Manhattan College The Effect of Stress on College Student Athletes versus Non-Athletes The start of college is a stressful situation for many students. Evidence has suggested athletes may experience more stress than non-athletes during the first year because of demands both of athletics and academics. Stress is defined as the negative feeling that occurs when an individual feels unable to cope with the demands placed upon them by their environment (Wilson & Pritchard, 2005). Common stressors for college students, starting from most

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    Submitted: September 20, 2018 By: stevecoll15
  • The Impact of Stress on a Developing Child

    The Impact of Stress on a Developing Child

    STRESS AND CHILDREN The Impact of Stress on a Developing Child Liberty University ________________ References Dubois-Comtois, K., Moss, E., Cyr, C., & Pascuzzo, K. (2013). Behavior problems in middle childhood: The predictive role of maternal distress, child attachment, and mother-child interactions. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 41(8), 1311-1324. Summary: Research was conducted to gain insight for nursing and to further develop theories regarding health effects from abusive childhood experiences. Especially interesting are health issues that develop in relation to physical growth and mental issues. Conclusions were drawn from 128 articles published within a 43-year

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    Submitted: September 26, 2016 By: rpars24243
  • The Influence of Context on Perceptual Set

    The Influence of Context on Perceptual Set

    Abstract Visual perception is defined as the ability to interpret the surrounding environment by processing information that is contained in visible light. Specifically what this experiment is concerned with is perceptual set. This is a mental predisposition to perceive one thing and not another. The aim of this experiment to was to record and analyse the way participants perceived the ambiguous stimulus. It was hypothesised that participants would perceive the ambiguous stimulus contextually when shown the farm animals, bull, or sports equipment, ball, first. Sixty year 7 students participated in this experiment in which

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    Submitted: November 11, 2014 By: saharahmadi
  • The Life Span: Human Development for Helping Professionals, Third Edition

    The Life Span: Human Development for Helping Professionals, Third Edition

    The first approach to a reaction paper on a theory of personality is a daunting task. Over the years in working with people, a specific set of theoretical constructs would be tough to identify. I work within the current and future reality that the individual with a brain injury is and simply tried to help those individuals understand how a brain injury affects his or her world. Trying to analyze, internalize and write about this theory has been a challenge. The basis of the Existential Theory is that we are the result of our

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    Submitted: July 2, 2013 By: GPOOO1
  • The Psychological Disorder Is Schizophrenia

    The Psychological Disorder Is Schizophrenia

    The psychological disorder that I have chosen to write about is Schizophrenia. “Schizophrenia is the disorder that most closely corresponds to popular concepts of insanity, madness, or lunacy (Nevid, 2015). Nearly one million people are treated for schizophrenia, one-third receiving hospitalized care. It can be characterized by bizarre and irrational behavior. Schizophrenia is more common in men than in women. “Men also tend to develop the disorder a bit earlier than women and to experience a more severe form of the disorder” (Nevid, 2015). Schizophrenia is life long and typically develops in late adolescence or

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    Submitted: February 10, 2019 By: Janeice sullivan
  • The Purpose, Role, and Distinctive Design for Case Study Method

    The Purpose, Role, and Distinctive Design for Case Study Method

    The Purpose, Role, and Distinctive Design for Case Study Method The Purpose, Role, and Distinctive Design for Case Study Method Anonymous Anonymous Author Note Leah Chavez, Department of Psychology: Christian Counseling, Liberty University Online, Lynchburg VA 24515 All information and research is accredited to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th) edition, Introduction to Research: Less Fright, More Insight, Methods in Behavioral Research, and Case Study Method. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Leah Chavez, Department of Psychology, Liberty University Online, 1971 Liberty University Drive Lynchburg, VA 24515 E-mail: The

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    Submitted: October 2, 2017 By: JesusisLord
  • The Structure of Scientific Revolutions -Thomas Kuhn

    The Structure of Scientific Revolutions -Thomas Kuhn

    Thomas Kuhn's book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (2012), published first in 1962, pertains to the periods throughout history that can be recognized as "scientific revolutions." According to Kuhn, once a discipline of science is established, it experiences many different stages of development during the course of its existence. Before any discipline is fully matured, there is a period of disarray, where there are various conceptions and theories all competing to be the accepted foundation for that field of science. This stage is identified as a pre-paradigmatic period. However, eventually, a central theory materializes that

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    Submitted: December 4, 2014 By: backstreetgirl3
  • The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

    The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

    Surname Student’s name Professor’s name Class Date The Examined Life Is Not Worth Living At one point in everyone's life, we reach a point in which we ask ourselves one fundamental question: Why am I here? For some, this question comes earlier on their lives and for others, a significant majority actually, it comes later on in life. It is at this point that most turn to inspirational motivators who claim to have hacked what life is and why we are here, and most of them give a straightforward answer to this question. The response

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    Submitted: July 8, 2019 By: Okari5678
  • The Use of Animals for Research

    The Use of Animals for Research

    CEMJC LOGO Alec Ayuso Centro Escolar México Junior College EEET1 Ms. Nancy Leiva September 18.2018 The use of Animals for Research On these day the researchers use many kind of animals for their research. There are some countries that is illegal to do animal testing and some are only allowed to use animal that aren’t socialize with people. On some of their research are failed and that mean that the poor animal was wasted for nothing. Animal’s right are violated when they are use in research because they aren’t given a choice for their live.

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    Submitted: March 5, 2019 By: Alec Ayuso
  • Theology Biblical Worldview Essay

    Theology Biblical Worldview Essay

    WORLDVIEW Biblical Worldview Essay Diana M. Greene Liberty University Biblical Worldview Essay Humans and everything on this earth come from God and God, being God, is involved in His creations is the foundational doctrine for the entire Christian community. The Bible directs us to this truth as God is speaking the earth and everything in it into existence, exhibiting there was nothing until He spoke, “And God said let there be light”. God then created man from the dust of the earth, and “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and the man became

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    Submitted: April 4, 2017 By: KIDDSPACE715
  • Theory Outline

    Theory Outline

    Theory Outline I. Theory: Psychoanalytical Theory a. Key Concepts (Murdock, 2013) i. Freud says that one's behavior is based on their instincts developed in their first stages of life. ii. Another is the unconscious mind where the unconscious is thought to be a state of mind that we are unaware. This is the place where feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories are held. iii. Freud believed in the development of transference, in which the counselor and client will work through tough issues. iv. The counselor and client will review the past experiences of the client. b.

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  • Thought Paper

    Thought Paper

    Thought Paper 2 On most days I am able to get enough sleep on average but occasionally I will either have trouble either falling asleep or allocating enough time out of my day to attend to my sleep schedule. Usually on days where I would not get enough sleep the night before I would go through my day somewhat sluggishly and disoriented. For the most part I am able to keep my sleep schedule in order by giving myself at least eight hours of sleep every night. Although I am not very athletic, my favorite

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  • Thought Paper 2

    Thought Paper 2

    I believe I have a reasonable and positive view of myself and my personality. For the most part I appreciate myself and the things given to me and try not to take anything for granted. Most of the time I think and choose for myself while occasionally I will let others decide things for me. Generally I think well of myself and I think I am a respectable and tolerable human being compared to some of the people I have met in life. I feel like I have a great sense of control over

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    Submitted: October 26, 2015 By: narcrom
  • Traumatizing


    Biagini Brandon Biagini Professor Intindola Organizational Behavior 20 April 2016 Reflection Paper Being a business student here at Western Michigan University, you are required to take certain courses before you are eligible to enroll into the Haworth College of Business. One of the required classes that is needed is Management 2500 Organizational Behavior. After taking this course this semester I’ve learned a great deal of basic business knowledge as well as the detailed aspects of management and all that it entails. After taking this course I am able to see why it is a required

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    Submitted: December 1, 2016 By: bbiaginix3
  • Tylenol Product Tampering Analysis

    Tylenol Product Tampering Analysis

    Tylenol Product Tampering Analysis It is important that we understand that Johnson & Johnson, the maker of Tylenol and other painkiller medicines was involved in a crisis that involved a situation where an individual replaced Tylenol Extra Strength with cyanide capsules. This caused seven individuals to die by taking these capsules (Fearn-Banks, 2010). Robert Andrews, the public relations manager for Johnson & Johnson received a call from a Chicago news reporter. News was that a medical examiner had just given a press conference indicating that people were dying from poisoned Tylenol. Immediately, this sparked an

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    Submitted: August 31, 2016 By: thomas.orourke
  • What Is the Perspective of Society About Sensitivity Men?

    What Is the Perspective of Society About Sensitivity Men?

    Nguyen Gia Bach (Bin) English - 12 WHAT IS THE PERSPECTIVE OF SOCIETY ABOUT SENSITIVITY MEN? The relationship among male and female creates specific character trait for each gender which human being assume the general idea of how to be a men or women. It becomes controversial when people condemn how girly a man is, how come people give them the rights to identify the personality of someone they don’t clearly know about. By the first time society interact with a man who usually express lots of his feeling, people will automatically consider him as

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    Submitted: August 22, 2018 By: Bach Nguyen
  • Where Are We Going to Look for a Job?

    Where Are We Going to Look for a Job?

    Where are we going to look for a job? In looking for a job, we can find it in various announcements posted in any establishments or sometimes in the classified ads section of a newspaper. There were also various jobs opening that are advertised in that section, and different positions that certain company is looking for. Upon visiting in classified ads section, it is stated there, what position they are hiring for, it includes qualifications if you are qualified, we can easily send our bio data with respective address that they are giving in the

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    Submitted: August 10, 2017 By: JM12
  • Why Americans BeCome Overwheight

    Why Americans BeCome Overwheight

    Abstract Rates of obesity among children and adults are increasing worldwide. This is a complex disorder that spreads significantly in recent years, thus becoming a major health problem. A great number of studies are held annually to detect what exactly induce obesity. Such aspects as high availability of unhealthy processed fast foods, poor neighborhoods with lack of parks and playgrounds for active lifestyles for children; media, which increasing their advertisements of junk food and revealing snack patterns amongst people, making the particular accent on children and adolescents and so on play an important role in

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    Submitted: December 13, 2014 By: Lalala7
  • Zimbardo


    Zimbardo Brief: I am a researcher looking into the behaviour of students once they have been given roles in a prison style environment. This study will last 2 weeks and you will each be given roles that you may wish to take as seriously as you see fit. The location will be Stanford University and your name and data will be kept confidential. Will you take part? Standardised instructions: * Your results will be removed at your request * Your data will be kept strictly confidential * Once given your role you must ensure you

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    Submitted: September 20, 2016 By: jrandzzz

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