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Myers- Briggs Interactive Assignment

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Myers- Briggs Interactive Assignment

Ana Quiroz

Psychology 341

Psychology of Personality


After taking the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator test, my personality type result as ENFJ. Taking the test was a simple process that consisted of answering seventy questions. The questions were simple, but the difficult part for me was answering the questions quickly without putting to much thought into each question.

In my results ENFJ, each letter represents a character. The first letter “E” stands for extravert. Being an extravert means that I am a person who outgoing, social, and enjoys being around other people. The “N’ represents intuitive, meaning that I am aware with my needs and rely on my feelings when making decisions.  The “F” refers to person’s feelings. This means that when solving problems I rely on my beliefs and values. The “J” indicates judging, which means I prefer a life that is more structured and organized.

Generally a person that falls under ENFJ, usually has great interpersonal skills, enjoys helping others, and does great at multitasking. I have always had the passion of helping others. That is one of the reason I decided to major in Christian Counseling. Since I was a child I have always been taken pride on doing things on my own without needing help. One thing that stuck out to me as I read about my type of personality was being vulnerable to getting your feelings hurt by others. Since I was in grammar school, I can recall being very sensitive. I always cared about how others viewed me and what they thought of me.

I have always also enjoyed being around others. Not matter what I am doing. One of my favorite things to say is, “The more the merrier.” When I do my weekly grocery shopping, I always go with my friend because we help each other with planning meals and making a list. It might take me less time if I go on my own, but I would much rather go with someone then by myself. My nickname given to by my dad when I was eight years old was  “The Social Butterfly.” For me, attending rally’s, dances, and football games was always something I looked forward to. Now as an adult and being married with kids, I enjoy having friends over and planning events with friends and family.   Being a pastor’s wife, this really helps because I enjoy talking to others and at the same time helping them in any way that I can.


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