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Ivk Assignment

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IVK assignment

IVK is one of the leading banks in the market. The main business sector of IVK is funding loan. For the current fiscal year, IVK has funded 180,000 loans. IVK is one of the leading corporations on its industry. IVK is ranked number 2 with 16% of market holding. The first competitor is holding 36% market and the third competitor is holding 15% market. Based on the fiscal year report, IVK has over 2.2 million customers' inquiries and over 530,000 applications processed. IVK is currently in its economic hardship since its revenue has been decreasing in the past three years from $233 billion in year X to $172 in year X-1 and significantly down to $41 billion in year X-2. Its assets have been significantly reduced from $152 billion in year X to 17 billion in year X-1. IVK is still making profit but its profit also has been reducing a lot since the past three years. IVK has a net income of $69 billion in year X; the income increased to $71 billion in year X-1; however dramatically reduced to $12 billion in year X-2. Based on IVK's operation structure, it seemed that IVK is having SILOS information system. IVK's data is duplicated and stored in isolated system of each department. Therefore, the problem that IVK is facing is the communication between departments.

Barton is trying to figure out the solution for the communication problem. He thought of education, training, etc… but none of these may work. The only way out of this problem is the understanding of each other between IT people and business people. If IT people and business people shared more knowledge, more understanding, the problem of communication can be resolved. As a CIO of IVK, Barton's job is to build the connection between the IT and executive people. However, this connection must be easily connected to every department within organization; and it must be affordable.


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