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Video Assignment 2 Product - Process Design

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#2  Quality Product & Process Design at Detroit Diesel

1.  Historically, success in manufacturing was based on what economic concept?

Economies of scale – eager market for mass produced products

  1. How is quality defined according to the video?  Who defines quality?  When should it start?  What are the two critical phases for achieving product quality?

Quality is defined as the ability of the product to meet or exceed customer expectations – complete customer satisfaction. It begins with the design of products or service and is affected with every step of the producing process. Customer defines the quality. The two critical phases are product design and process design

  1. How do companies make sure that the ‘voice of the customer’ is heard in product design? What is QFD?

QFD – Quality Function Deployment. Voice of the customer influences product development process. Companies use group studies and other methods to incorporate the voice of the customer. The design must be customer driven.

  1. What is CAD CAM?  And how is it used?

CAD CAM integrates computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing software. Design is evaluated before a prototype is made. Design teams look at the manufacturability of the design. Objectives: reducing complexity, simplifying the job of building a quality product, and creating cost efficiency.

  1. What was different about the product design on the series 60 engine?

Teamwork and focus on the customers created differences. The series 60 engine has simpler assembly process because it was designed for fewer components. Integrating design quality into the process got everyone involved. People in the assembly line are all resposible for and capable of detecting defects.

  1. How did they reduce the need for inspection?  What role will assembly line workers play in inspection?  When do they do the inspection?

Assembly line workers are key to in-line inspection. Reliance on inspection at the end-of-the-line was not the way to achieve world-class quality. Workers inspect their own parts and those of fellow workers, which reduces the need for inspection and the cost of reworking  (inspect it before release it).


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