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Tylenol Product Tampering Analysis

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Tylenol Product Tampering Analysis

It is important that we understand that Johnson & Johnson, the maker of Tylenol and other painkiller medicines was involved in a crisis that involved a situation where an individual replaced Tylenol Extra Strength with cyanide capsules. This caused seven individuals to die by taking these capsules (Fearn-Banks, 2010).

Robert Andrews, the public relations manager for Johnson & Johnson received a call from a Chicago news reporter. News was that a medical examiner had just given a press conference indicating that people were dying from poisoned Tylenol. Immediately, this sparked an unprecedented investigation that needed to find out the problems, and how Johnson & Johnson can get this resolved.

Immediately, the Chairman of the Board, James Burke, formed a seven-member crisis team. The main concern was how they can protect the people…and second, how they can save their product Tylenol. Immediately, by using the media they instructed people not to use the Tylenol product until further notice. By doing so, ignited Johnson & Johnson to stop production and withdraw all Tylenol capsules from the stores all around the country. At this point, they had no choice. They needed to find out the extent of the tampering so that they could have a better handle on this national crisis (Fearn-Banks, 2010).

Johnson & Johnson used their PR and paid advertisements on television, radio, internet, and many other media outlets to give consumers telephone numbers to call and help them resolve any issues at hand. Based on Johnson & Johnson’s quick decisions, this enabled them to accurately find the stores that had the contaminated bottles. Their primary purpose was to

Tylenol Product Tampering Analysis

protect the public. Basically, they were not going to accept any compromise as it most likely will cost them millions of dollars.

This itself gave credibility to Johnson & Johnson and made the public see that they were the victim. and not responsible for this terrible crime. Moreover, Johnson & Johnson continued giving press conferences…. giving continued updates on what was going on…and how they were


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