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Thought Paper

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Thought Paper 2

        On most days I am able to get enough sleep on average but occasionally I will either have trouble either falling asleep or allocating enough time out of my day to attend to my sleep schedule. Usually on days where I would not get enough sleep the night before I would go through my day somewhat sluggishly and disoriented. For the most part I am able to keep my sleep schedule in order by giving myself at least eight hours of sleep every night.

        Although I am not very athletic, my favorite physical activity to enjoy is tennis. Back in high school I made the tennis team twice before dropping out my Junior year due to focusing more on my grades and studying. Though I was not the best player around, I definitely think I had my strengths in certain areas as well as a unique playstyle and practice ethic. I am not involved in any sport or physical activity here at Whittier but I do intend on trying out for the tennis team sometime in the future.

        I am pretty open to making changes in my diet, however I do not feel any need to change anything I eat. I feel that I am a pretty healthy eater and I definitely try to maintain a healthy diet and outlook on life. For example, I have switched from drinking sodas to unsweetened iced tea every meal, realizing that drinking so much soda might be quite bad for my health. I even try to stay away from drinks like Brisk as their teas contain way too many calories and sugar that makes it almost as unhealthy as drinking soda. After moving away from my parents, I feel like a lot of the healthy habits they put me through have really rubbed off on me. Whenever I am at the CI, my first instinct is to look for vegetables or salad, then I will look for carbs or protein.

        As a non-religious person, spirituality does not really have a significant meaning on my life. However, if I had to define spirituality in a non-religious way, it would mean to understand one’s individuality and inner self. This means to discover your purpose, values, visions, dreams, goals, and beliefs as an individual. Obviously, these do not come to mind easily and requires at least a lifetime of discovering and a high sense of self-awareness to be able to understand.

        Usually, I believe that self-care and personal wellness should be kept separate from the welfare of others. However, if someone comes to me for help or for advice, I will most of the time value their personal wellness over mine.


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