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The questionnaire was handed out to each of the 46 subjects. Means of the cumulative scores for each of the sub-scales were then calculated. The mean cumulative scores of the boys for each of the sub-scales were compared to those of the girls', and then T-tests were used to determine the significance of the difference between the mean cumulative scores of the boys and the girls. The most frequently agreed on "agree" items were determined by calculating the mean score for each item for the total sample, and separating those items which had a mean value at or about 3.5. The same method was applied to determine the most agreed on "disagree" items using a cut-off score of 2.5.

The results showed that the t-ratios computed separately for the boys and the girls mean scores for each of the sub-scales failed to show any statistical significance, which means that there is no difference between the males and females' reaction to parents' divorce. Because there was no significance between the two sexes' reactions, the scores of the males and females were combined to determine the most frequently endorsed "agree" and "disagree" items. The results showed considerably more "disagree" items than "agree". Data gathered from the questionnaire showed


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