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Factors Affecting Prosocial Behaviour

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There are various factors affecting prosocial behaviour .Difference in culture can lnfluence prosocial behaviour,for example people in the USA are less likely to provide help as they grew up in a culture that points out individualism.However those in India or Kenya are more likely to help as they believe in collectivism.Another factor is the issue of connectivism brought about through the same race.One is bound to help someone who is of their race because they feel an element of oneness.They may however feel it is not neccessary to help those of a different race.Gender differences are also a contributing factor to prosocial behaviour .Women are generally more sympathetic than men.Men are more likely to refuse to help a person because they lack sympathy.Rural urban difference is also an influencing factor.People from urban areas are more likely to withdraw from helping those from the rural areas as they have a feeling of being superior or somehow above the people who live in


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