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  • Neurons Generate Electricity and Release Chemicals

    Neurons Generate Electricity and Release Chemicals

    Chapter3 Neurons (Generate electricity and release chemicals) a cell body(soma), dendrites and an axon * Cell body:1. keep the neuron alive 2. nucleus contains the genetic information that determines how the neuron develops and functions * Dendrites: collect messages from neighbouring neurons and send them on to the cell body * Axon: conduct electrical impulse away from the cell body to other neurons, muscles or glands. * Glia cell:1. Surround neurons and hold them in place 2.manufacture or transport nutrients 3. form the myelin sheath 4. absorb toxins and waste materials that might damage neurons

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  • Offer Choices Between Extremes

    Offer Choices Between Extremes

    Offer choices between extremes- do this very carefully, it can backfire!  Use strong terms to convey a specific connotation.  Define a topic by using contrasting terms. (i.e. define happy by showing how sad one might be if they chose something else.)  Include allegories to famous works in order to provide strong examples or in order that your reader will draw comparisons from the work to the experience you are describing. Allegories have the ability to make your reader feel that they are "on the same page" as you. It draws them in.

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  • Organizational Psychology

    Organizational Psychology

    ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Organizational Psychology Nimesha Samaratunge PSYCH/570 August 03, 2015 Linda Whinghter ________________ Organizational Psychology An Organization was identified as a structured society that has been managed by humans to meet a purpose or goals (Jex & Britt, 2008). There are activities, responsibilities and authorities given to humans to carry out a task to achieve these goals. According to Jex & Britt (2008), Organizational psychology has been considered as a scientific study on human behaviors in the organizations and the base of an organization was structured with the human behavior pattern. The indication of the

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  • Pain and the Emotions Behind It

    Pain and the Emotions Behind It

    LIFE CHANGING EVENTS 3 would have been scared of physical pain or physical contact such as myself but I believe that they would have gotten over it much faster than I did. For the third type of person who had received the same injury as me I believe that these type of people would have taken long than I did and possibly might let it affect their lives more than it ever should. Overall I believe that this event changed my life but it is no were near as bad as some events others have

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  • Paul Uhlenhuth

    Paul Uhlenhuth

    Paul Uhlenhuth was a German bacteriologist and immunologist. He was a Professor at the University of Strasbourg, the University of Marburg, and the University of Freiburg. After he retired, he ended up leading his own research institute in Freiburg. It was known as the State Research Laboratory. In 1901 he developed the precipitin test, also known as the Uhlenhuth test. That test distinguishes the difference between animal blood and human blood. His discovery had a major impact in the forensics and criminal justice fields. The German scientist found that if he injected protein from a

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  • Personal Views on Abortion

    Personal Views on Abortion

    PERSONAL VIEWS ON ABORTION Personal Views on Abortion Institutional Affiliation Student’s Name Instructor Course Date Personal Views on Abortion Reasons Why Patients Should Avoid Abortion Procedures Abortion is one of the controversial topics globally, and in most cases, makes it hard even for the health providers to provide proper guidance to patients. This is because every person tends to have an ethical and moral position, and this forms the basis of all debates related to abortion. There are a number of countries which have legalized abortion, as a way of giving people the right to

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  • Personality Influenced by Birth Order

    Personality Influenced by Birth Order

    Personality Influenced by Birth Order Have you ever wondered how your own personality has been affected by the birth order in your family? I know I spectacle why certain characteristics are more common in latter-born children then firstborns. Research has proven that birth order does play a role in the development of your personality. When looking at this topic, I want to discuss how birth order affects your personality, intelligence, and physical appearance. In addition, I want to include how my own personal life compares with my research findings. First off, there are many personality

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  • Phineas Gage Paper

    Phineas Gage Paper

    Phineas Gage was a foreman working for the railroad in Vermont. In those days blasting holes was the normal procedure to gain access to lay the railroad down. Gage was using tamping powder to drill holes with a tamping iron. He would use the iron to pack the powder in holes and suddenly there was an explosion which led the tamping iron which was now protruding from left cheek and part of the brain and hanging out from his skull (Wagar, 2004). He had everyone one of his co-workers looking at him in amazement since

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  • Portrait of Personal Strength

    Portrait of Personal Strength

    Over the past ten years my work experience has centered on finance, ranging the full spectrum from back office operations, to sales & trading, and now investment banking. Throughout the course of my professional development I’ve worked under several superiors, all with vastly different managing styles. Throughout my career however; the expectations of the analysts have always been consistent. Analysts must have the capacity to deliver accurate results in a demanding high pressure environment. As an analyst it’s critical to develop a “sense of urgency” regarding all deliverables and perform with minimal oversight. After reviewing

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  • Positive Pyschology

    Positive Pyschology

    Positive Psychology What is positive psychology? Positive psychology is the scientific study of how humans achieve happiness and mental satisfaction, in order to discovery how people can lead meaningful lives. This supplement to the traditional psychology chooses not to focus on negative life aspects but focus on the principle that all people want to live happy, fulfilled lives. Positive psychology is intended to build strengths in people and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play. Dr. Seligman founded the movement and wanted to make the field of psychology more versatile. He felt psychology

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  • Postmodernism and Management

    Postmodernism and Management

    Postmodernism and Management Most faculty and philosophers do not like to call themselves postmodern; the term has received tremendous flak from critics; critiqued for being a subversive fashion. But, in the end of it, postmodernism with all its subversions has given rise to multiple thought processes: • Feminist Studies/Gender Studies • Postcolonial Studies • Queer Studies • Third World Studies • Geo-Political Studies • Film Studies • Rock Music • Jackson using Bharatnatyam and Orissi moves • And above all Management Studies / interdisciplinary studies It was in the 1960s that a whole bunch of

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  • Primary Secondary Tertiary Interventions

    Primary Secondary Tertiary Interventions

    Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Prevention Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Prevention Kerry A. Cook Southern New Hampshire University The three- tiered prevention model involving primary, secondary and tertiary prevention strategies has been developed to help with issues regarding risk or behavior in fields such as mental health, health, education, domestic violence, and more. It can be used at a community level, societal level, school or facility level. The primary prevention level is meant to address a risk or problem before it becomes a tangible issue. It is geared towards a large population or community, such as

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  • Productive and Counterproductive Behavior

    Productive and Counterproductive Behavior

    Relationship between Productive and Counterproductive behaviors on Job Performance Organizations strive to achieve one main goal of being productive. Employee’s behaviors within an organization are categorized as either productive or counterproductive. These behaviors can directly influence to the success, or failure, of the organization. Productive behaviors describe employee actions that influences supportively to the objectives and goals of the organization (Jex & Britt, 2008). Some examples of productive behaviors are being efficient, being on time, and being effective at achieving goals. Productive employees exhibit positive behaviors that motivate other employees. If that positive attitude and

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  • Psy 2071 - Perception & Cognition - 2017

    Psy 2071 - Perception & Cognition - 2017

    PSYC2071: Perception & Cognition - 2017 Perception assignment Question 1 1.1 1.1a In order to determine the minimum intensity of light detectable by human observers, it is necessary for participants to sit in a dark room for 30 minutes prior to undergoing the experiment. The reason being; individuals will experience pigment bleaching in the retina as a result of exposure to light. Decreased sensitivity due to pigment bleaching is experienced when the eye is exposed to bright light which is then removed; individuals are momentarily blinded by this change in environment. Therefore, in order to

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  • Psy442 Community Blueprint Final

    Psy442 Community Blueprint Final

    Community Blueprint Community Blueprint Sean M Galt August 19, 2018 Psy- 442 I am a student who is nearing the end of my undergraduate program, I feel that at this point in my education it is important to know my professional goals and career interests and what part that plays in my future educational goals. I began my journey towards a bachelor’s in psychology with a focus in Mental Health back in 2009, and when I first started I honestly had no idea what I was going to do with it, I just knew that

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  • Psyc 210 Prenatal Development

    Psyc 210 Prenatal Development

    PSYC 210 Prenatal Development Essay Megan Sponaugle PSYC 210-B09 I chose the article, “Cognitive Outcomes in prenatal methamphetamine exposed children aged six to seven years “by Kwiatkowski et. al. The purpose of this study was to examine the cognitive effects of children ages 6-7 whom had prenatal MA exposure and also resided in a resoursce-poor community (Kwiatkowski, M. A., Donald, K. A., Stein, D. J., Ipser, J., Thomas, K. G., & Roos, A. (2018)). They hypothesized that the effects of PME heighten when the children are also from a resource-poor environment (Kwiatkowski, M. A et.

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  • Psychology Habits - Desired Behavior

    Psychology Habits - Desired Behavior

    A statement that clearly describes your desired behavior in positive terms (i.e., something you want to do vs. something you don’t want to do). * I want to work on keeping my room clean on a regular basis. Three statements about how this change will support personal goals, either short-term or long-term. (This is the why of your project: why did you choose this behavior; why is it meaningful to you?) * I chose this behavior because I think doing it will benefit other aspects of my life as well. I’ve found that when my

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  • Psychology Notes on Sensation and Perception

    Psychology Notes on Sensation and Perception

    Chapter 5 Sensation (a stimulus-detection process by responding to and translating stimuli into nerve impulses by sense organs) perception (an active process of organizing stimulus input and giving it meaning) (influenced by the context) psychophysics: physical stimuli --- psychological experience 1. The process from sensation to perception * Stimulus is received by sensory receptors * Receptors translate stimulus properties into nerve impulses(transduction) * Feature detectors break down and analyze stimulus features * Stimulus features are reconstructed into neural representation * Neural representation is compared with previously stored information in brain * Matching results in recognition

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  • Psychology Research Paper: Lev Vygotsky

    Psychology Research Paper: Lev Vygotsky

    Lev Vygotsky was a Russian psychologist who contributed greatly to the field of psychology and education. His approach to early childhood education has served as a milestone in understanding how young children develop and learn. His contributions have served to be a positive impact on children and adults. Still today, Lev Vygotsky plays a vital role in society. Lev Vygotsky was born on November 17, 1896. He was born in Orshe, Byelorussia, near the city of Gomel. During his elementary and middle school years, he received public and private school education in Gomel. He attended

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  • Reading Reflection of Clinical Versus Actuarial Judgement

    Reading Reflection of Clinical Versus Actuarial Judgement

    Reading Reflection of Clinical Versus Actuarial Judgement Judgment is a cognitive process, which means the act of shaping views or making decisions after careful thought. Because judgement comes from a person’s thought, it is highly personal. A person can not only use objective facts to conclude a judgement, but use his or her previous experience or knowledge about an issue. In fact, clinical judgement and actuarial judgement are both professional terminologies in the medical field. The two methods are prevalently used when a psychiatrist decides whether the patient needs just psychotherapy or he/she should take

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  • Reliability and Credibility of Young Children’s Reports

    Reliability and Credibility of Young Children’s Reports

    Reading Reaction After reading the paper Reliability and Credibility of Young Children’s Reports (Bruck & Hembrooke,1998), I wonder that whether the sexual abuse descriptions of children under 14 years old are able to become testimonies as reliable evidence? I’d like to express my own view from the perspective of developmental psychology. Asking children to state their testimonies is mainly concerned with two elements of developmental psychology. One is “memory” and the other is “information processing”. In 1993, a related experiment was made by Ceci and Bruck who were famous psychologists. The experiment in detail can

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  • Research in Abnormal Psychology

    Research in Abnormal Psychology

    RESEARCH IN ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY Research in Abnormal Psychology Your Name Your Institution Research in Abnormal Psychology There are many standards that must be upheld in proper psychological research. Some of these are ethical, some are intended to ensure that the results obtained are genuine and repeatable. This paper will briefly examine the situation set out as Assignment 1. In the situation described, a graduate student, Jane, comes into my class and asks the students be allowed to fill out a questionnaire. The purpose of this is to assist her with research for her thesis. After

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  • Rhetorical Analysis on “the Incredible Redemptive Powers of Bill Belichick”

    Rhetorical Analysis on “the Incredible Redemptive Powers of Bill Belichick”

    Ahmed Ashraf Ahmed Professor Craig Smith ENG1020 1 February 2017 Rhetorical Analysis on “The Incredible Redemptive Powers of Bill Belichick” Bill Belichick is one of the greatest coach to ever coach the game of Football. Football is one of the most popular team sport that only played in the United States. Football can be coached and played variety of ways. However, in order to win championship in the game of Football, teams search for coaches that has the winning habits and the winning mentality to win games. Bill Belichick is surely one of them “Because

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  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Rheumatoid Arthritis

    HLTH 643 Case Study F Questions Rheumatoid Arthritis 1. What is autoimmune disease? How is this immune response different from the normal response to a foreign antigen? Autoimmune disease is when the body produces antibodies that directly attack against the “self” body cells. The body produces antibodies to help attack any pathogens that may have enters the body. When someone has an autoimmune disease, their body has antibodies called autoantibodies that ignore self-antigens. They do not attack the pathogens because they see the healthy cells as the pathogens and attack them instead. Normally, the body

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  • Scholar Praticitioner

    Scholar Praticitioner

    A person must understand the components that go into a scholar-practitioner model in order to understand it. The scholar-practitioner model is a conceptual framework for learners to learn about, and think back upon their own work as educators. As a scholar-practitioner, there's a lot of emphasis on scholarship and research development (Butler, 2013). Programs with a clinical emphasis, such as Psychology, Human Services, or nursing, usually inputs strong concentrations in the scholar-practitioner model (Butler, 2013). This paper will focus on the scholar-practitioner model in different aspects, and how it applies to this learner. This learners

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  • School Bullying

    School Bullying

    SCHOOL BULLYING School Bullying Aareon Moore Liberty University School Bullying According to Graham (2106), school bullying can be defined as the verbal, physical, or psychological abuse of a victim by a perpetrator who has the intention to cause harm. Bullying has been present within the school for several years, but has but has received more attention lately due to television, internet, and social media broadcast of incidents of bullying. While interviewing Jonisha King, she defined bullying as behavior towards someone that is aggressive or mean (J. King, personal communication, September 13, 2016). Although the both

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  • Self Directed Work Groups

    Self Directed Work Groups

    The greatest resource of any organization is its employees. Helping employees develop towards and attain the required skills, values and behaviours that are key to their jobs can contribute greatly to their performance on the job. Ensuring that recruiting efforts focus on the necessary skills, values and competencies is also a critical piece of building a high performing organization. This manual is part of a "tool kit" being made available to agencies. It is designed to help leaders and staff become more familiar with competencies. This manual is also designed to help leaders and staff

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  • Self-Motivation


    Self-Motivation After complete the self-motivation assessment test, I got total score as 33 which shows that I’m doing well on self-motivation but still need more to increase my motivation factors. There are four factors in self-motivation and I will show my analysis of these four areas results below: The first area is Self-confidence and self-efficacy and I got 11 out 20 for this area. This score shows me that I might be lack of self-efficacy because I rarely put in maximum efforts or try harder when I occur a setback during achieving my goals. However,

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  • Shut the Front Door: Quarantine Policy for Ebola

    Shut the Front Door: Quarantine Policy for Ebola

    Stevens Stacey Stevens Professor McCarty ENG 112 12 Nov 2014 Shut the Front Door: Quarantine Policy for Ebola With the rise of this deadly disease following the threat eleven years ago that occurred in Liberia which resulted in the fall of the economy and the substratum health care. Surprisingly, Liberia's health care facilities only about forty percent are operational while schools still remain closed. This putridity is what America is about to be faced with. What steps are the Untied States taking to prevent this from bringing such destruction to the citizens? Government officials are

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    Submitted: October 9, 2017 By: Stacey Joy
  • Social Media and Society

    Social Media and Society

    Social Media and Society Kyle Boyd ENG 100-070 Professor Guran September, 15 2016 First of all, the type of music a person listens to gives an idea of the type of person he or she is. I believe that people listen to music that somehow relates to them, or it may remind them of a similar situation that they might have went through during their lifetime. For example, if someone lost a friend, family member or even a spouse, that person might begin listening to music that soothes them during their time of grief. Most

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