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Personal Views on Abortion

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Personal Views on Abortion

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Personal Views on Abortion

Reasons Why Patients Should Avoid Abortion Procedures

        Abortion is one of the controversial topics globally, and in most cases, makes it hard even for the health providers to provide proper guidance to patients.  This is because every person tends to have an ethical and moral position, and this forms the basis of all debates related to abortion.  There are a number of countries which have legalized abortion, as a way of giving people the right to do what they want with their lives. We cannot judge by saying such countries are wrong (Hoggart 2017).  Just as said, every person tends to have different opinions.  It is all about trying to understand the views of other people, in breaking down a complicated issue. If I were working as a healthcare manager of a community health center, I would definitely impact patients requesting abortion differently.  This is by making them understand the need to practice the right practices, not only for society but even for themselves.  This paper aims at discussing reasons why patients should avoid abortion procedures.  

                  One reason why I would be against abortion because it causes physical complications.  I would share such information, not for the sake of scaring the patients, but make them get informed about the reality.  Some of the common side effects of abortion include heavy and persistent bleeding, damage of the cervix, scarring of the uterine lining, damage of the body organs, especially the uterus among other things.  This means that abortion is not just a simple process due to the effects that come later.  It is possible to have people saying various methods tend to work best for them, but definitely the effects hardly change.  For the sake of the health of the patients, I would advise them to think about the physical conditions and make the right decision.

I would also consider informing the patients what abortion is.  Abortion is getting rid of the life of the baby.  This is killing, and there is no difference between a criminal who stubs people to death and a lady who commits abortion.  Life begins after conception, and this is important for all patients to understand.  Therefore thinking of abortion means one is ready to kill.  In Christianity, we believe that killing is a great sin, and even God commands us not to kill (Hoggart 2017).  I also believe other religions believe life should be respected.  This means that abortion not only breaks the laws set by human beings, but it is also a practice which is spiritually unacceptable.  My belief in doing the right things according to the religious teachings would also help me in providing appropriate advice to the patients, and therefore influencing them to make the right choices.  

Practicing justice is also one of the common things being encouraged daily in society.  I also believe in justice in every aspects.  This means fairly handling others despite the differences.   The same concept also applies to abortion.  If the patient thinks of killing the unborn, how would she feel if the same thing was done to them?  In this case, it is important to accept the situation and doing the best for the child.  As much as the journey throughout pregnancy may not be easy, especially for the young girls, there is still a need to practice what is good and acceptable.  This is because the unborn are innocent, and any decision made by the mother would have a great impact on its life.  For this reason, it’s all a matter of insisting on doing what is just, as a way of protecting the unborn.


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