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Global Trends and Their Impacts on Career: A Personal Perspective.

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Global Trends and their Impacts on Career: a Personal Perspective.

The increasing rate of globalization being a major issue of concern has come with diverse opinions from scholars, experts, and world leaders in general. There are varied trends of globalization as projected by different scholars and writers among which are the creation of new communities, sustainable lifestyle, resource management, increasing information technology and communication, mixing virtual and reality, economic integration, conflicts just to mention but a few. There is no gainsaying the fact that these would have large impacts on people and well-being in the future. The discourse of some of these (precisely economic integration, population increase, information and technology) and their impacts on my career in two decades time would be examined below.

Rising economies of developing countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC Economies) is a trend to be reckoned with on my career in the few decades time. Being an MBA student that had banking experience in Nigeria being a developing country like the BRICs , I do project that not only would BRIC arise but also some other nations like Nigeria and South Africa economies would also get a boost; How? The presence of free trade zones coupled with the relatively cheap wage rate in this countries compared to the developed world of Britain, United States Germany and the like would create more markets in these emerging economies. Presently in Nigeria, for instance, most employers especially the multinationals are outsourcing for people with foreign business skills and degrees. The reason for this is not far-fetched, western world is known for offering the best educational and problem solving skills needed in a challenging world of work; after recruitment, the employees are placed in a relatively better position than their counterparts who received education within the country. Sequel to this, the need to opt for an MBA degree ensued and this has resulted in my pursuit of MBA presently with the goal that this would not only prepare for the immediate but rather the future so as to be fit in any of the emerging labor and business market.

The world population is increasing on daily basis, yet most western countries are experiencing aging population. Studies found out that seven countries namely India, Nigeria, Brazil, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan in few decades would experience a dramatic surge in population. Invariably, this would boost the economy of some of the developing countries among the afore-mentioned as some of them are already in the emerging market economies especially India and China. With the developed world projected to be experiencing a rising aging segment, migrants from countries with projected population surge to developed countries would be on increase thereby giving the educationally and professionally-savvy among them an added advantage of being relevant in the world of work of these developed world. Personally I am at advantage simply because despite being from a country whose homeland's population is projected to be on increase, having gotten all and what it takes to be relevant in these developed countries based on my exposure diversified cultural systems both in developing and the developed world respectively, it is believed this would make me more competitively advantaged relative to my contemporaries in the emerging periods. Presently I have been nurturing the need to advance my career in the area of languages by learning languages in Spanish, French and Chinese; this is because people are valued and easy to relate with when they are disposed to speaking basic languages of the society where they find themselves; this, if acquired would make me more globally-responsive by giving me a sense of belonging to the global world should I find myself any part of the globe in the future.

Communication is making the whole world turning to a global village as information dissemination is getting more popular, easier


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