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Brandon Biagini

Professor Intindola

Organizational Behavior

20 April 2016

Reflection Paper

        Being a business student here at Western Michigan University, you are required to take certain courses before you are eligible to enroll into the Haworth College of Business. One of the required classes that is needed is Management 2500 Organizational Behavior. After taking this course this semester I’ve learned a great deal of basic business knowledge as well as the detailed aspects of management and all that it entails.

        After taking this course I am able to see why it is a required class for the reason that management itself is involved in many aspects of the business profession. My major as of right now is set to be a Human Resource Manager and management is a huge part of the job performance and its responsibilities. Some of the topics that we’re covered in this course through the semester that will impact my future career would be leadership, Attitudes & Job Satisfaction, and Conflict & Negotiation. Other topics that were discussed throughout the semester would all impact my future profession as well but these main topics stuck out to be when being discussed in class.

Leadership would be associated with my profession because it would be my job to be a leader in hiring the highest qualified people, making sure there is no interwork place issues and if there than I would need to handle it. With handling work place issues would go along with the topic of Conflict and Negotiation such as figuring out what the problem is and resolving it in the best possible manner making both parties pleased with the solution. Attitude and Job Satisfaction are a major topic that would play a role in my profession because the job of a Human Resource Manager would be to make sure your employees are happy with their position as well as their work environment. All these topics are things that I will one day in the future have to deal with in my profession and become accustom on how to handle the situations that are being given to me.


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