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Stresses in My Life

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“Stresses in My Life”

​People say old age brings on gray hair. In my experience, stress gives me my white hair. Stress can cause anxiety, make one sick, lead to loss of sleep, and lead to many health problems. Many patients suffer from headaches and high blood pressure just related to stress. As much as individuals try to avoid stress, it is inevitable. I try to tell myself I can handle the stress in my life, but sometimes I am ready to pull out my hair. In the following, I will explain the major stressors in my life.

​My first stress comes from school. Even though I am a part-time student, I feel as though I am always studying. I wake up really early to drive to school and stay up late reading and finishing my homework. I am trying to get admission into the Nursing program so I have to keep my grades high. English is my second language, so I have to keep asking my teachers and sisters for help. I always translate everything to my native language and then back to English. It is double the work and very frustrating. I am always worried I am going to fail and all my hard work will be for nothing. I also have to balance schoolwork with being a working mother.

​My second stress comes from work. Similar to school, I only work part-time. I try to work on days I don’t have school, but I have to go when I get called in. This often includes school nights and weekends. Just when I think I can catch up on schoolwork or spend time with my family, I am forced to go to work. I work at a fast-food place, so I am always on my feet. It becomes so busy at lunch time and some customers are very impatient and very rude. I always have to make sure the orders are quick and correct. In addition, I have to make sure the place is clean and to franchise standards. Even though my boss is very nice, I always stress on whether he is pleased with my work. I am afraid I will make him look bad.

​My third stress comes from my family. I understand everyone needs a family, but sometimes I need a break from my family. I live with my in-laws so I always have to set a nice example and do as they say. I always have to be mindful of my language and tone around my in-laws. As the daughter-in-law


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