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Sociology and My Life

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Sociology and Me

How does Sociology apply to my life? I have never taken the time to really sit down and think about it until I received this assignment. Let me first start with the definition of Sociology, which is the scientific study of social behavior and human groups. This paper will go on to introduce you to parts of my life that have not been heard, my behavior, my life, and a glimpse into a part of who I am as a person.

From the beginning of my life until now, I feel as if I do not know where I truly belong. I am originally from Jamaica. My parents were together at one point but they were never married to each other. They cohabitated until I was born. My father at the time decided to go to America for a better life and then eventually take my mom and I when the time was right. When he came back, my mom was pregnant by another man. Needless to say my father returned back to America without my mom or I. So growing up, all I can only remember is a single parent household. My mom has 3 children, I included, but at the time it was my sister and I. She later had my brother. That makes me the middle child. During those times I pretty much raised myself because my mother was not around. My father went on to get married to someone he met in America and had a child. So when it is all said and done, I am the middle and a first born child.

The times that my mom was not around, I was molested multiple times by people that I know. Mind you I was only 6 years old at the time. My parents had no specific parenting style because neither of them was ever around to really discipline or protect me. When my mom found out I did something wrong, I either got a spanking or yelled at for being unruly. During this time my father tirelessly tried to get me to come to the United States. Soon news got to him that I was not being cared for properly by my mother. He contacted my uncle in Jamaica and told him to take me. Living with my uncle was not any better, because my oldest cousin started an incest situation with me as well. My uncle's wife soon caught on to what was going on, and she went on to say I was the cause for what happened. She told my uncle to send me to live with her family. During the time that I was at her family's house, I was abused emotionally, verbally, physically. I was put to work and was treated as their personal slave. All this time I wondered where my parents were. I lived there until I was nine, when my father was finally able to take me to America.

As far as school is concerned, in Jamaica you are required to wear uniforms until you reach college. It is mandatory. The school system was private. Pretty much all the schools in Jamaica were private but were very strict and the rules were enforced. When I got to America it different but had a lot of similarities in school system. My dad sent me to a Christian private school, where I had to wear uniform as well. I was an average student with good grades. I stayed in private school until after I finished seventh grade. Eighth grade year I went to public school for the first time. I was very excited because I would not have to wear uniforms anymore.

Going to public and private school I received no disciplinary actions. I was only given a detention in high school for being late to class but other than that nothing really of much importance. I graduated with Academic Honors from High School. My parent who includes my dad and step-mom were involved in my academic career. They went to all the meetings they could attend and kept up with my grades, my progress with teachers, and everything overall. My parents never helped out with school, but with my little sister they do. They never got involved or tried. As far as homework was concerned, my dad was really harsh to me when it came to that, so I never asked for help out of fear of him getting upset at me or not understanding.

I had a lot friends in school, but close friends came when I got to high school. I had about three close friends that I hung out with in school as well as outside of school. These friends were from my neighborhood, and from eighth grade. With these friends I experienced much fun, mischief, and heartache from each other and many laughs. I am still friends with these people today. To be totally honest, I do not remember having any harsh conflicts with any of my friends. There were times where we would all get on each others nerves but the times we had were fun. Activities I participated in with my friends was going to the movies, going to the mall, and movie nights at each others houses to name a few. I also participated in Track and Field, Student Council, and National Honors Society with a few of my friends. My friends and I influenced each other in good and bad ways. We were all academically strong because we helped each other with homework, and making sure we have study times at each others houses. As far as the bad, we all would sneak out of our houses to go hang out with friends. I would say that I was a leader as well as a follower when it came to my friends. We all did what each other did.

My family was very supportive of my track career in high school as well as other activities I chose to pursue. I also did choir at church and they were very supportive of that. They were at every meet and choir rehearsal that happened each year until I graduated. My father always made sure that I read some book or another growing up. I was not allowed to watch TV during the week because I had to be doing school work. I grew up in a very strict household, where obedience was forcefully stressed. My father was very harsh, and at times overbearing. Whenever I did anything wrong, I would be beaten severely by him. He would drag me across the room, kicking, hitting me. I was never allowed to express or defend myself in any situation because what he says is law. I believe that now in my life because I was not accustomed to saying how I feel, I tend to not say how I feel in fear of how it is perceived .I was not allowed to date until I turned 18 or left for college. I dated anyway because all my friends were doing it. My first boyfriend was when I was fourteen. When I got caught, I was dealt negative reinforcement for my actions. Throughout my family life, I lived in fear of my father, and I believe to this day I still fear my father.

Nevertheless, through everything, my family is still relatively close. My family was the average middle class, democratic family who lived in the suburban neighborhood and a stay at home mom. I now live in a suburban neighborhood as well with my son.


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