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What Is the Perspective of Society About Sensitivity Men?

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Nguyen Gia Bach (Bin)

English - 12


        The relationship among male and female creates specific character trait for each gender which human being assume the general idea of how to be a men or women. It becomes controversial when people condemn how girly a man is, how come people give them the rights to identify the personality of someone they don’t clearly know about. By the first time society interact with a man who usually express lots of his feeling, people will automatically consider him as an abnormal guy in the men community. The impact of those criticism will ruin the truth inside each human being in general. To be more specific, the more humankind push men to a regular standard of masculinity, the more guilty conscience highly sensitive men will suffer. After that, they will slowly become insecure with themselves and the society “Deborah”.

There will always be two side of being a highly sensitive person, it can be a gift and also a strength to amplify their potential to be more aware with the world. On the other hand, they will absorb an enormous amount of information which flow around their head all the time. Most of the time, people approve the sensitivity of woman while men suppose to be tough and hide their emotion. Moreover, men should learn how to balance those feelings which include positive and negative then organize that in a certain way to satisfy the community. The social pressure to men manage them to separate an unconscious feelings such as fear, worry or hurt so they can have an easier life but it will make them totally cold and ultimately lonely “Deborah”.

        According to Deborah Ward from website Psychology Today, she proves that it take time for men to practice how to show up their feelings with others or any event occurred in their life. Correspondingly, before highly sensitive men take each decision they will raise their awareness to respond well and fit with the circumstances. It is clear to see that highly sensitive person (HSPs) already senses much more stress than normal person. The surround environment enforce HSPs to raise their endurance to afford the peer pressure, it might turn into a powerful tool to reduce stress or just live with the pain inside. Since this method applies to mostly every sensitive man, it causes the problem when men totally explode with anger. Normally, HSPs know as calm and wise people, but sometimes their mind get overwhelmed with thoughts or feelings. The most important part is when a man realize and accept the truth that they are highly sensitive. By accepting who they are, sensitivity is completely a gift for men that they can take advantage and create their own benefits. It is also proved people who being more sensitive always have more creative way to solve several solution in life. Additionally, those people able to enjoy hypersensitive objects like arts, music and colours or small things happened in their life. Not only having ability to love the abstract of art but they can also impact others to feel precisely the same way with them. Although, men still need confidence and courage to expresses their own feelings which always haunts them to react adequately alike normal people. Thus, it always bring you benefits to be a sensitive man but the way each person use sensitivity as a tool to help them have a superior life is unique.

        Psychologist Elain Aron once researched that the trait of being highly sensitive mostly based on people's genes and their brain would react differently to others. The emotional intelligence (EQ) has influenced highly sensitive people then helped them to think more intensely. It could be well-known as their strong emotion or reaction but if they know how to eliminate negative idea, EQ would be the most powerful tool for them to sense the world with a better perspective. “Bradberry”

        The popularity of gender role expectation has been increased through years, it was hard for highly sensitive male to participated in the society and revealed their truth side. Since men able to played various characteristic to fit in the society and somehow they gradually forced themselves into a passive state. Mostly when male expressed their feelings, the manliness of them immediately dropped down to the surface alike women. One of the best way to solve the solution was used those tendencies to help the masculinity to made a better social model. It would come out with a good result that allowed men to think and work positively. However, this invaluable therapy might locked men inside a trap and flutter them to fight themselves until the problem totally settled down. At the beginning, it fully went back to the method of self-understanding or action-achievement-solution but if we applied an adequate information with proper knowledge, male would be satisfied with their truth characteristic. The psychological growth linked with the social pressure to make the manliness in male society turn into a priority for everyone. If men knew how to accept their inner and live with their own path, society would definitely accepted the truth that male could also be sensitive. “Wong”


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