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  • Never Stop Improving

    Never Stop Improving

    Accounting 304, Professor Havens February 12, 2013 ? TABLE OF CONTENTS Page INTRODUCTION ............................................................................................................2 AUDIT OPINIONS ……...................................................................................................3 BALANCE SHEET ANALYSIS …....................................................................................4 FINANCIAL RATIOS ……................................................................................................5 INVENTORY ....................................................................................................................5 REVENUE RECOGNITION .............................................................................................5 INCOME STATEMENT ....................................................................................................6 CASH FLOWS .................................................................................................................6 OVERALL ANALYSIS STATEMENT ...............................................................................7 REFERENCES ................................................................................................................9 Introduction: Never Stop Improving Established in 1946 in Mooresville, NC, Lowe's Inc. (LOW) has evolved from a single small town store to the second largest home improvement retail chain in the United States. Boasting over 1,750 stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico with annual sales of over $50.2 billion, Lowe's has

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    Submitted: December 25, 2014 By: tt4753
  • New Media Such as Facebook and Twitter

    New Media Such as Facebook and Twitter

    One of our group's proposal was to engage in new media such as Facebook and Twitter to disseminate information and keep the public updated during a bioterrorist attack. upon hindsight. I realised that while we recognised its limitation in mainly addressing only youths, being the most avid uses of new media, we had neglected to consider if using such social network platforms would undermine the severity of bioterrorism due to its informality as a communication channel. A/E As such, to mitigate this concern, an alternative approach could be to tie in raising awareness on bioterrorism

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    Submitted: August 12, 2013 By: huishan93
  • Nutrition Analysis

    Nutrition Analysis

    Part II: 1. (8 marks) From which food group (groups) are you short of the recommended servings? By how much? Which food group (groups) are you over the recommended servings? By how much? After recording my daily intake for two days in the dairy above, I classified my consumption based on Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide's recommendations for an adult male between 19 and 50 years of age. After the two days, I consumed 16 servings of fruits and vegetables, which falls within the suggested bracket. However, 16 servings is on the lower end

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    Submitted: November 27, 2013 By: Kourakis
  • Ol 501 - American Apparel

    Ol 501 - American Apparel

    OL 501 Milestone Three Worksheet In this milestone, discuss what the company needs to do to change direction and what the success will look like. Complete the following: 1. “American Apparel is about vision, passion, intensity, brand-free, sustainable, fair wages, solar power, recycling, creativity and the can-do-spirit,’’ according to the past CEO Dov Charney (Mehta, 2016)”. They are a vertically integrated manufacturer, distributor and retailer of branded basic fashion apparel and accessories for consumers, widely known for their iconic basic t-shirt! For my (SWOT/TOWS) analysis some of the weaknesses and threats I found with American

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    Submitted: June 15, 2018 By: Kiaria05
  • Ol 501 Milestone one Worksheet

    Ol 501 Milestone one Worksheet

    OL 501 Milestone One Worksheet In this milestone, consider your chosen company’s mission (purpose for existing) and values. It is also time to evaluate the internal and external environments of the company. You will do this with a Threats, Opportunities, Weaknesses, and Strengths (TOWS) analysis. Write in prose, expanding on the answers to compose a 2- to 3-page paper (exclude the leading questions). 1. Identify the organization’s vision, mission and values. American Apparel manufactured, distributed, and retailed basic fashion apparel for all genders and ages. The mission was to bring quality clothing without exploiting workers

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    Submitted: July 11, 2019 By: Erica Reneé
  • One Small Step for Man, one Giant Leap for Keke

    One Small Step for Man, one Giant Leap for Keke

    Keke Rodil WPC 101 Student Success in Business Danielle Carruth Thousands of students attend Arizona State University, however each individual has a unique story to how they got here. Coming from the Midwest all the way to Arizona is pretty far but my goals, strengths, and passions drove me to do so. Learning about the business industry at Arizona State University will help me achieve my passions and dreams. Most importantly going to this institution will help me get to my future career. All of these things motivate me to be successful and to be

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    Submitted: October 29, 2018 By: keke
  • Oregon Bar Association

    Oregon Bar Association

    THE OREGON BAR ASSOCIATION The Oregon Bar Association: Involvement and Interaction with the Judiciary Randy Hancock Final Paper Justice 602: Week 9 – Module 9-3 Professor Roger Pao February 21, 2016 ________________ Introduction The basis of the legal system in Oregon is comparable to other states. Its roots are found in the common law process that this country was built on, and incorporate statutory laws that have developed over time. Oregon’s judicial system mirrors most others and includes the regular review of traditional common law principles when faced with issues not clearly defined in statute.

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    Submitted: November 14, 2016 By: Randy Hancock
  • Organizational Development for Health Care

    Organizational Development for Health Care

    Ronald G. Spaeth, FACHE, has over 42 years experience within the health care industry for which he received a very notable award for his contributions. Spaeth “earned his bachelor of arts degree from Western Reserve University in Ohio and his master’s in business administration degree from the University of Chicago in Illinois” (Grazier, 2005). His experience within the healthcare industry includes president, faculty member, and being chief executive officer that includes many different types of institutions and systems. According to his interview, Spaeth “has served on numerous boards, including the Board of Trustees of the

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    Submitted: February 9, 2018 By: risamae
  • Organized Crime

    Organized Crime

    Organized Crime By: Freda Randall Date: May 7, 2011 University of Phoenix CJA/393: Criminal Organizations Instructor: Robert Brown Introduction Organized crime has been a continuous problem in our society for many decades. Many efforts have been made to strop these organizations and their illicit criminal acts, but there are many improvements that have to made. Many questions have arose regarding organized crime, and in this paper some of those questions will be examined and discussed; such as, the problems established by organized crime, the relationships related to organized crime, the legal limitations associated with

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    Submitted: July 5, 2012 By: freda1968
  • Our Zoo for Education on Wildlife

    Our Zoo for Education on Wildlife

    While Rajasthan is most commonly known for its picturesque deserts and beautiful palaces, not too far from Udaipur lies the Sajjangarh Biological Park, preserving a natural and sustainable ecosystem for many endangered species. Our Zoo for Education on Wildlife & Habitat Preservation program aims to provide opportunity of first- hand experience to work directly in the Biological Park with the likes of Park Veterinary Doctor, forest rangers and other staff, in an endeavor to contribute towards improvement in wildlife data collection and research, promotion of environmental and animal-friendly practices for the local villagers and tourists

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    Submitted: February 26, 2019 By: ish.yoyo
  • Overview of the Cloud

    Overview of the Cloud

    OVERVIEW OF THE CLOUD In today’s society “the cloud” is a term that is thrown around left and right, but what is the cloud? The cloud is shorthand for a term “cloud computing”, which in itself just a reference to the concept utilizing other computers resources, especially in storage and computing power (Prokaza, 2019). Cloud computing in general used to describe data centers available to many users over the internet this allows for demand without direct active management by users. TYPES OF THE CLOUD • Public clouds are owned and operated by a third-party cloud

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    Submitted: March 12, 2019 By: aboerger16
  • Padm 6000 Statement of Concern

    Padm 6000 Statement of Concern

    PADM-6000-71Y STATEMENT OF CONCERN PADM-6000-71Y: Statement of Concern Caleb Smith PADM-6000-7Y, Southern Utah University Instructor: Dr. Ravi Roy September 9, 2017 Statement of Concern In my position at the University of Utah I currently serve on the Professional Development Committee for Student Affairs. On this committee, we strive to develop and provide opportunities for professional development for all Student Affairs full time staff. My Statement of Concern in which I have chosen to address is the following: “Staff at the University of Utah within Student Affairs are not treated equally throughout departments with regards to

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    Submitted: February 25, 2018 By: calebsmith1
  • Personal Philosophy of Education

    Personal Philosophy of Education

    Social Reconstructionist Lisa Barton L26861881 EDUC 305-D03 Dr. Thomas Marshall Abstract: The times are ever changing. There is no decade that stays the same in any way shape or form. Even looking at recent events as to our new president elect, history has been altered forever. The main reason that things are ever changing is because of Social Reconstructionism. Everyone has an opinion on how we should change the world, and let’s face it, the world has a lot that needs to be changed. Being a Social Reconstructionist teacher means wanting to make a difference

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    Submitted: August 7, 2017 By: lmbarton2393
  • Personal Philosophy of Nursing

    Personal Philosophy of Nursing

    Personal Philosophy of Nursing When I think about nursing as my career path, I am reminded of not only being knowledgeable about patient care. Nursing is a diverse career that requires more than just nursing skills. I come from a diverse background and a culture that values kindness, patience, and respect. With my cultural background, I have a desire to serve patients, their families, and to listen closely to their needs. Also, I have a desire to learn and to continue to learn throughout my nursing career. I quickly adapt to new situations and environments.

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    Submitted: April 4, 2018 By: dvhilton
  • Physical Geography Review

    Physical Geography Review

    REVIEW SHEET- PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY- EXAM 1 Resources: Lecture notes, PowerPoint slides, textbook, resources available online, and your Professor! What to Study -Lecture Notes -All Slides posted on Blackboard -Chapters 1-3 -Pay close attention to illustrations! There will be illustrations on the test Shape of Earth - Not perfectly round o Oblate spheroid o Poles= two points on earth’s surface where AXIS of rotation emerges o Axis= imaginary straight line through the center of the earth around which the earth rotates The Four Major Earth Systems: what are they? - Atmosphere - Hydrosphere - Lithosphere -

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    Submitted: February 5, 2017 By: tyler macias
  • Planning Document - Job Candidate

    Planning Document - Job Candidate

    Planning Document Form, Version 1 Negotiation: Recruiter/Candidate Role: Candidate What issues are most important to you (in parenthesis list your position on each issue)? 1. Salary (getting anything lower than $120K has a significant negative impact, so I aim to get no less than $115K) 2. Bonus (with a 4000 point gap between top and bottom choice, I aim to get no less than 8%) 3. Moving Expense (aiming for no less than 80% coverage) 4. Start Date (aiming for no less than a June 15 start date) 5. Job Assignment (aiming for no less

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    Submitted: May 30, 2019 By: kellogg1
  • Play: Darco Volcano (da for Short)

    Play: Darco Volcano (da for Short)

    Play: Darco Volcano (DA for short) Description On this play, we have the centre in the middle, the guards either side if him and one wide receiver on the left and one on the right. The running back is also on the left and the Quarter-Back is 1.55m behind the centre. Firstly, the centre snaps the ball to the Quarter-Back and while this is being done, the wide receiver and running back on the left run up the field trying to get open from their defenders. The hold the ball for a second to see

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    Submitted: January 15, 2015 By: Fogmatt
  • Political Economy: Cultural Imperialism in Broadcasting

    Political Economy: Cultural Imperialism in Broadcasting

    Introduction When the word culture is heard, the first thing that comes to mind is our traditional clothes, food, dance and also all other traditional culture that we practice in Malaysia. But what is actually the definition of culture? According to Bates and Plog (1976), "Culture is a system of shared beliefs, values, customs, behaviors, and artifacts that the members of a society use to cope with their world and with one another, and that are transmitted from generation to generation through learning." What Bates and Plog wanted to say here is that culture is

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    Submitted: June 6, 2013 By: nurulmohammed
  • Position Applied for Provisionary officer

    Position Applied for Provisionary officer

    16 January 2014 The Head of HR Chem Quest Limited Dhaka, Bangladesh Dear Sir/Madam: Subject: Position applied for Provisionary Officer I got the Information from that you are looking for Provisionary Officer for your organization. I am very much interested to apply for the advertised position. I am pleased to inform you that I have graduated from Daffodil international University with CGPA 3.82 on scale of 4.00 in the year 2012. I have done major in Finance at my BBA program. Though have just started my MBA, I have the confidence that I will

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    Submitted: December 10, 2014 By: upnasah016
  • Preventable Harm in Health Care

    Preventable Harm in Health Care

    Arnette Chloe Arnette John Isenhour ENG.111.5H13 14 November 2018 Preventable Harm in Health Care Preventable harm in health care is a public health issue, estimates place it as a leading cause of death in the United States with millions of people being harmed while receiving care in hospitals yearly. It has killed 440,000 thousands people in 2013 according to an Institute of Medicine report. Most care provided in the United States is for the most part high quality and safe, but on the other hand technical and treatment advances create new opportunities for unintentional, preventable

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    Submitted: March 15, 2019 By: Nova Linux
  • Prevention from Disease

    Prevention from Disease

    Mod 2 Discussion Prevention can simply be defined as the act of hindering something from happening. One of the most important aspects of prevention is to identify where in the disease’s natural history is the most effective spot for an intervention to take place (Friis & Sellers, 2014). I would like to discuss the yearly health concern of Influenza. Working in a hospital setting I have seen the prevention process of this first hand and the changes that have taken place of the past few years. Upon hire at the University of Michigan, whether you

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    Submitted: October 14, 2018 By: kcoppola
  • Principles of Customer Care

    Principles of Customer Care

    Task 1 (A) Principles of Customer Care 1. Identifying and meeting the expectations of key customers Understand the customer’s needs and satisfy we need to understand the needs of customers.different groups of customers have different needs.only by understanding the needs of customers can we better serve customers and quickly provide them with their needs.when we provide services that satisfy our customers, we can ensure that we don’t lose important customers.based on this,we will establish good service relationship with customers and care for them.that’s how customers come in. To provide good quality customer care,company must ensure

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    Submitted: November 23, 2018 By: Ws8rXa
  • Proceedings or Considering Other Appropriate Information”

    Proceedings or Considering Other Appropriate Information”

    Castell Comparison Paper proceedings or considering other appropriate information” (Pg.19) But According to the AMHCA non-discrimination policies mental health counselors have a responsibility to educate themselves about their own biases toward those of different races creeds identities, orientations, cultures, and physical and mental abilities; and then to seek consultation, supervision and or counseling in order to prevent those biases interfering with the counseling process (Pg.17). But the two are similar in the section but just differ in depth. All and all, the ACA also seems to more emphasis on cultural competency, addressing possible conflicts between

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    Submitted: February 20, 2019 By: kindred123
  • Professional Engineering Practice

    Professional Engineering Practice

    Unit study package code: MCEN4010  Mode of study: Internal Tuition pattern summary: Note: For any specific variations to this tuition pattern and for precise information refer to the Learning Activities section. Lecture: 1 x 1 Hours Weekly Tutorial: 1 x 2 Hours Weekly This unit does not have a fieldwork component. Credit Value: 12.5 Pre-requisite units: 308814 (v.0) Dynamic Systems 334 or any previous version OR 308829 (v.0) Automatic Control 321 or any previous version OR MCEN3005 (v.0) Fundamentals of Mechanical Vibration or any previous version OR MXEN3004 (v.0) Dynamic Modelling and Control or

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    Submitted: September 29, 2016 By: khalidzeb
  • Professional Values and Ethics

    Professional Values and Ethics

    Professional Values and Ethics Superior ethics are defined differently according to the upbringing and cultural ethics of an individual. High-quality ethics can be taught and acquired from parents, friends, or significant people that were looked up to during the earlier stages of life when individuality is being molded. Characteristics can also be defined by the principles that people exhibit along with the ethics that they apply daily. It is imperative to have a dependable value structure and not get abstracted with any negative actions that can be foreign to personal morals, or character. When demonstrating

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    Submitted: July 1, 2012 By: tstewart8756
  • Property Law

    Property Law

    Property Law Land, buildings and rights associated with them (e.g. burdens and servitudes) are heritable property. Christie V Smiths Executors – A large summer house became heritable. Some moveable items may become heritable when attached to a property. For this to happen they require; a physical attachment, functional subordination and a degree of permanency. Scottish Discount Co V Blin 1985 – Parties could decide whether a moveable object accedes or not. Heritable property is transferred through a disposition. Ownership does not transfer until this is registered in the Land Register or the Register of Sasines.

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    Submitted: May 21, 2019 By: dajdcsj3tdmfm
  • Pushing Forward

    Pushing Forward

    Vela Alex Vela Aguirre Eng.72 Sept. 21,2016 Pushing Forward What makes the world go round? This simple object given so much value to the modern world motivates millions of people to push forward and thrive for this man-made idea called money. I do not believe in the phrase “money cannot buy happiness” because money is required for any transaction to push you forward in life. Many things motivate me to work hard but the gap from me and the things I want is money. One motivational factor money gives me is desire. I have many

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    Submitted: October 24, 2016 By: AlexTheLion_
  • Recruiting Andrew Yard - Ayoub Group

    Recruiting Andrew Yard - Ayoub Group

    MBA 612 LEADERSHIP, ANDREW YARD, Submitted by: Victoria Diego Joseph Rogers must determine how to convince Andrew Yard to join Ayoub Group short of his six months notice commitment. His initial attempt, a “ Join Soon Bonus” has not only failed, but may have jeopardized the recruitment by insulting Yard. And recent developments within AYOUB Group has intensified the need to have Yard start work, immediately. Rogers must find a way to induce Yard to negotiate himself out of his current contract, quickly. Hypothesis 1: Rogers failed to recognize Yard’s values, assumptions, beliefs and expectations.

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    Submitted: December 9, 2015 By: HANNIBALXXXXX
  • Regression Analysis: Income Versus Age

    Regression Analysis: Income Versus Age

    4-14 (a)Regression Analysis: INCOME versus AGE Analysis of Variance Source DF Adj SS Adj MS F-Value P-Value Regression 1 455.4 455.39 6.00 0.025 AGE 1 455.4 455.39 6.00 0.025 Error 18 1365.0 75.84 Lack-of-Fit 13 830.5 63.89 0.60 0.790 Pure Error 5 534.5 106.90 Total 19 1820.4 Model Summary S R-sq R-sq(adj) R-sq(pred) 8.70836 25.02% 20.85% 7.27% Coefficients Term Coef SE Coef T-Value P-Value VIF Constant 9.93 6.22 1.60 0.128 AGE 0.359 0.146 2.45 0.025 1.00 Regression Equation INCOME = 9.93 + 0.359 AGE (b) Regression Analysis: INCOME versus EDUCATION, JOB EXPERIENCE, AGE Analysis of

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    Submitted: February 26, 2019 By: Aysha
  • Retail Marketing

    Retail Marketing

    Chapter 3 1. Why is it necessary for a small retailer to develop a thorough, well- integrated strategy? What could happen if the firm doesn’t develop such a strategy? 1. By developing a thorough strategy, including mission statements, ownership, style, and what goods/ services to produce create clear, concise goals, the business is setting itself up for success. Additionally, when a strategy is in place other companies know what they are up against competitively. Having such a thorough strategy will help to keep the business on tract as to what they want to be accomplished

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    Submitted: April 3, 2016 By: billy

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