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Trade Channels: Tire Industry

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Distribution channels

Distribution planning

Marketing implementation

Marketing management

Marketing strategy

New product marketing

Tire industry

Single platform reduces effort and cost: Moving to an app only model will help e-commerce companies get rid of the website, enable them to focus on a single platform, thereby reducing the efforts and costs involved

 Low cost: Developing and maintaining a mobile app is much cheaper than a website

 Market penetration: Most of the traffic on existing e-commerce companies comes from the mobile and app based services. Around 90% of traffic and 70% of orders on Myntra are from its mobile app. Flipkart draws 70% of the total traffic through mobile, Snapdeal accounts for 65% whereas Shopclues draws 40% and Paytm claims 33% of all the orders are received through mobile phones. On the other side, availability of low priced Smartphone has made it easy for rural and urban Indian population access internet on mobile

 Consumer behavior: Apps can track each customer’s individual preferences and usage patterns from handheld devices. This is utilized to provide better suggestions to the customer and design deals and promotions based on his/her usage. Collecting relevant.

Single platform reduces effort and cost: Moving to an app only


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