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Personal Philosophy of Nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing

When I think about nursing as my career path, I am reminded of not only being knowledgeable about patient care.  Nursing is a diverse career that requires more than just nursing skills.  

I come from a diverse background and a culture that values kindness, patience, and respect.  With my cultural background, I have a desire to serve patients, their families, and to listen closely to their needs.  Also, I have a desire to learn and to continue to learn throughout my nursing career.  I quickly adapt to new situations and environments.  With these qualifications, I am committed to becoming the most valuable, knowledgeable, and compassionate nurse I can be.

For years, I wanted to step out and make a difference in patients’ lives and be a part of their nursing care.  My personal life and my work life have reflected the need to embrace each person’s uniqueness and individuality, as well as overcoming stereotypes and to promote sensitivity and inclusion.  

During my clinicals, I truly embraced the diversity I had experienced and all of the ways that my patients differed.  I had experienced a combination of various individuals coming from different cultures, customs, norms, values, genders, physical abilities, beliefs, ages, and levels of education.  My goals for my patients were to help them feel cared for in a way that reflects their beliefs, practices, and cultures.  

My clinical experiences also helped me to become more open to others’ opinions, thoughts, and ideas in order to achieve a common goal or goals.  It is necessary for growth, community, and progression.  As a nurse, I also find it necessary to lead by example and to show other people that differences amongst people, such as race, ethnicity, religion, customs, and levels of education are positive factors as long as each individual can be accepted and treated with kindness and respect.  Nurses should always remain professional and care for all types of individuals, having their best interests in mind.  


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