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Principles of Customer Care

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Task 1 (A) Principles of Customer Care

1. Identifying and meeting the expectations of key customers Understand the customer’s needs and satisfy

we need to understand the needs of customers.different groups of customers have different needs.only by understanding the needs of customers can we better serve customers and quickly provide them with their needs.when we provide services that satisfy our customers, we can ensure that we don’t lose important customers.based on this,we will establish good service relationship with customers and care for them.that’s how customers come in.

To provide good quality customer care,company must ensure customer expectations are not only met but exceeded

For example:China’s Haidilao restaurant provides customers with more than expected services,so it is popular in China.for example,it provides a place for charging mobile devices and a small gift and performance for customers who have birthdays.customers who come along will get a doll bear is accompanying the meal.if the customer has long hair,the waiter will send the hair ring to tie their hairs up.almost when you walk you speak out,the staff of Haidilao are very concerned about customers.even the restrooms are different from other hot pot restaurants.the toilets in Haidilao are equipped with body lotions,combs,oils and other daily necessities i think Haidilao’s success lies in the fact that as a chain restaurant,it provides a star-rated restaurant with a service level that exceeds customer expectations and quickly develops branches after the internet bursts red.from the popularity of Haidilao ,it can be seen that if the company can provide customers with more than expected services,the return will be very impressive.from the perspective of a server,it is only the most basic step to satisfy

the customer’s is possible to welcome the next cooperation beyond the expectations of customers.

Customers refer to both internal and external individuals,as well as the whole supply chain.

Example:internal customers relative to external customers are company colleagues who get your products or services .i serve internal customers.internal customers are satisfied that they can better serve external customers.the essence of the internal customer chain is to define the relationship between departments and departments,employees and employees as an internal community of interests,which requires each department and employee to have an inter-

departmental thinking.For example,we provide assistance to employees who directly serve customers,helping them to better serve customers,because the company and internal customers have the same goal to better serve external customers.This will bring a virtuous circle to bring more

companies.Interests.service internal customers and service external customers have similarities,such as the most important three elements:care cooperation and communication.Employees collaborate with each other to serve their own internal customers.Internal customers can better serve external customers,such as Haidilao restaurant.The enthusiasm and care of the waiters cannot be separated from the help of other behind-the-scenes personnel of the company.A clean and refreshing dining environment is what employees bring to their internal customers.The internal customer is like a part of a non-stop machine.A small mistake will cause the machine to stop.The customer inside the service is working together to keep the machine running.

How to maintain a good relationship with customers?

To establish a good relationship with the customers,communication skills are very important,and the company can make customers happy while retaining customers.and employees need to be knowledgeable to quickly solve customer


the company needs to provide customers with convenient services to solve any problems quickly,whether it is social network or telephone and mail,so that customers can easily contact us during working hours,in order to receive feedback from customers about our products. Service staff personnel problem.

This kind of loyalty with customers is especially important in today’s competitive environment.

How can we strengthen customer relationship?

quality product.

If you want to maintain a good relationship with customers,the quality of the products is very important.If you often give the customers bad products,the customers will not come again. So you want to establish a good relationship with the customers.You need quality products quality products.for example,If a company is a restaurant,It often provides customers with unpalatable or expired food,And customers will never come again.The most critical aspect of any company’s foundation is the product.

interactive website with options to deal with customer enquires or problems. Companies need to have their own web pages and online chat windows that deal with customer problems,so that customers can quickly solve problems.For example,IKEA’s official website has 24 hours of online small robots to answer customer questions,which is very suitable for customers to solve.General or simple questions without waiting for a long time. promotional methods such as buy one free or coupon vouchers.

Appropriate promotions will make customers happy,such as buying two get one free or spending a full amount of money will give customers some gifts.In the mall,there are often signs of promotion,such as buying two get one free tea,buying two bottles of laundry liquid will have a discount,customers will often buy.

company can also have loyalty programs in place for repeated customers to reward.

For the old customers who often consume in the company and have enough appreciation for the company’s corporate culture,the company should pay more attention to it and provide a membership system so that the old customers can enjoy more discounts that the ordinary customers.The points earned y the members can be exchanged for some gifts,and the price is also more preferential,such as DIOR’s cosmetics,only after spending a certain number can apply for membership card,and become a member,the money you spend will be converted into points,in exchange for DIOR’s gift box.Member’s birthdays can be picked up at the counter.Retain members as much as members of DIOR.

What are the methods of identifying expectations for the company?

The company can identify customer needs through,and the service personnel and customers face-to-face communication to ask customers to understand customer needs.Different customer groups have different needs and learn more through conversation.You can also use the questionnaire to understand the customer,make a simple questionnaire,send it to the customer’s hand or email to get the answer.When old customers come to the company for consumption,they can also invite them to talk together to understand the real needs of customers during the conversation.

why is it important to meet customer expectation?

because as a company or employee,it is very important to meet the expectations of customers.there is a demand relationship between the company and the customer.the customer pays the money,the company provides services and goods,and the demand relationship is established when the company can provide satisfactory products,and if we disappoint customers,it will bring a series of troubles and even lead to is not easy to make customers consume and satisfy,but it is very important.a company that always disappoints customers can’t exist for a long time and will only be eliminated by the market.

It is very important to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations.The market is highly competitive,providing services that exceed customer expectations will allow the company to stand out from the intensive competitive marketplace ,retain customers and keep customers coming.For example China’s Haidilao company is a chain restaurant that provides five-star service.It has already become the place to go to if anyone mentions steamboat restaurant as it has consistently exceeds customer expectations. Therefore,it is important to provide services that exceed customer expectations,so that companies can stay in a highly competitive market.

2. Dealing with 2 different types of customer care problems There can be a wide range of customer care problems that needs the company’s immediate attention such as:

1.Staff attitude

There will be a situation where the staffs attitude is bad,affecting the

customer’s evaluation and impression of the company.When receiving the customers’s complaint,the company should pay attention to and investigate the involved employees,promptly make corresponding punishments and notify the customer of the complaint


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