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Position Applied for Provisionary officer

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16 January 2014

The Head of HR

Chem Quest Limited

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dear Sir/Madam:

Subject: Position applied for Provisionary Officer

I got the Information from that you are looking for Provisionary Officer for your organization. I am very much interested to apply for the advertised position.

I am pleased to inform you that I have graduated from Daffodil international University with CGPA 3.82 on scale of 4.00 in the year 2012. I have done major in Finance at my BBA program. Though have just started my MBA, I have the confidence that I will be able to serve any organization under with full strength because of my academic & working knowledge on Finance.

I am very much interested to work in a company with customer based like Chem Quest Limited, where I may learn from world class environment and contribute my education for further development in Finance, research and Administrative perspectives. It is important to mention here, that I have gained knowledge and experience as a full time credit Analyst in IDLC Finance Limited last two years. I tried to implement my academic


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