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One Small Step for Man, one Giant Leap for Keke

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Keke Rodil                                                                                                                                                   WPC 101 Student Success in Business                                                                                                    Danielle Carruth

        Thousands of students attend Arizona State University, however each individual has a unique story to how they got here. Coming from the Midwest all the way to Arizona is pretty far but my goals, strengths, and passions drove me to do so. Learning about the business industry at Arizona State University will help me achieve my passions and dreams. Most importantly going to this institution will help me get to my future career. All of these things motivate me to be successful and to be the best student I can.

        Although I came from Ohio, which is known as a farm state, I grew up in downtown Columbus. I lived there my whole life for nineteen years and moved all around Columbus to different suburbs. My senior year I had to pick which colleges I wanted to attend which was a very difficult decision. Since I was Hispanic and Native American; I received many scholarships from many colleges. My top choices were Ohio State, University of Miami, and Arizona State University. After getting sick of living around Ohio my whole life; I decided to either go with the University of Miami or Arizona State University. My brother attended Arizona State University and graduated from the class of 2016. He was a big influence on my decision and I decided to go down to the state of Arizona.

        Moving one thousand six hundred and fifty-five miles away from home and my friends was a sacrifice I had to overcome to attend this great university. Arizona State University was ranked in the top twenty-five business schools in the whole United States of America which was a huge factor to why I chose to become a business major. I work very well with a group of people and running a business, so I knew I wanted to get a major in Business Management. I could see myself running a company very well especially in the oil industry or the electronic industry. Those are two materials we use in everyday life that we could not live without. I believe working in these fields will be very successful and help me become a better businessman. My dream would be to own or run a huge or very successful company. The main thing I care about is making money and not having to worry with financial issues in the future. I believe I can avoid this by getting a prestigious business degree at Arizona State University. By going to college at this institution I believe it will prepare me for the business world and how to work with coworkers to help a business strive. By getting a business degree here some classes will focus on me obtaining specific skills. Communication class will help me better connect with others and deliver my messages clearer. Computer Applications and Info Technology will help me better use excel and other computer applications. The rest of the classes for the next four years will also help me become a better businessman.


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