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Write a one Page Paper About Some of the Reasons That May Have Negative Effect on Androgyny? How Does the Situation Within an Organization Affect the Validity of Androgyny

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A walk into an organization with limited regard for gender as an important factor for duty predilection or otherwise sounds unfamiliar in most contemporary organizations. It is a much more convenient to define roles for the Woman, and also for the Man. This is all about androgyny. Also, Androgyny is a concept, which describes the mixing of the masculine and feminine characteristics or lack of gender identification It is situation where there is absence of gender recognition or no preference for a particular sex. Indeed, there are two factors negative and positive those influence its implication in an organization

In sometime some places, it has worked enough to promote close the dichotomy that exists between the male and the female. In several countries where women are more segregated, it portends credible front to alleviate these challenges. It is also forms a quick avenue to seal up some vacuum in the absence of a perceived gender to occupy such. Because the existing concept, there is some efficiency as another individual takes the role without sex predilection. Androgyny is negatively impacted in these situations.

Existing schema about the societal roles: in our consciousness, it appears like we know roles for each gender, and tend to interpret events with schema. In this situation where this schema is checked, there is reluctance to an outright protest against it or the new accommodate.

Motive of feminists: the most of all people believe that feminists are the major apostles of androgyny penetration into the organizations they look the woman-folks as defeated clan that needs rescue and the solution is leveling -up or understand that there can be clashes on interest in these regard. As a result, they define through their HR management team on methods to define roles for prospective employees. Its only when a sincere motive can be deciphered that


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