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Machu Picchu in Peru

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If you want to travel to Machu Picchu in Peru, traveler should take the train to go there. The reason for this is that I appreciate they can show every consideration to traveler, like the design of the train. They provide four seats located in front of each other, it can allow traveler to talk with each other which may come from different countries, that traveler can know more different culture, share the journey during the communication and spend time on playing some board game to enhance the friendship. Moreover, the seat is made from leather and suitable leg room to provide a comfortable environment and more extensive area to passenger. Except this, some detailed thing like tablecloth, they use some cultural characteristic pattern rather than pure color.

In such comfortable environment, except traveler can enjoy the meal with incomparable view, they also can watch some fashion show and representative dances with Andean music, traveler can know more the culture about Peru.

The train also has panoramic windows, it is fantastic that traveler can look around the landscapes, wildlife, nature, etc. People at the same time can capture a lot of amazing picture too. It is special that some part of route is very close to towns, traveler can see different type of buildings and the life style of Peru.


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