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Proceedings or Considering Other Appropriate Information”

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Comparison Paper

proceedings or considering other appropriate information” (Pg.19)

But According to the AMHCA non-discrimination policies mental health counselors have a responsibility to educate themselves about their own biases toward those of different races creeds identities, orientations, cultures, and physical and mental abilities; and then to seek consultation, supervision and or counseling in order to prevent those biases interfering with the counseling process (Pg.17).  But the two are similar in the section but just differ in depth. All and all, the ACA also seems to more emphasis on cultural competency, addressing possible conflicts between a counselor’s and client’s attitudes, values and beliefs, even though the AMHCA recognizes the importance of embracing diversity while not with as much rigor (ACA, 2015, AMHCA, 2015).  Looking at the growing concern for multicultural sensitivity, it should be expected for the AHCA to expand on this particular matter. Another considerable difference between the two codes is found in the resolution of ethical conflict. The ACA code is much more comprehensive and provides a good foundation for both counselors and clients to consult in the event (ACA, 2014, AMHCA, 2015). The ACA offers a more rounded preamble and statement of purpose to focus on the philosophical underpinnings of its code and it includes a handy index for a quick reference.

The code of ethics is a great handbook I can definitely say. The standard of practice will be used in any liability proceeding to determine if the professional counselor’s performance was within accepted practice. Before I came across the code of ethics I had all these questions in my head about how counselors become successful in their profession. The codes of ethics helps the counselors guide their way to get reach the clients goals. These are the responsibilities of a counselor and we must abide by the rules if we want to keep the passion going. This code can enhance my counseling abilities and processing counseling policy and procedures. It also makes me think differently and adapt quickly in situations before it gets out of control. But it is all a part of the learning process, which is what makes a counselor counseling skills flourish daily. This makes the ACA compatible with my profession because of the structure of how the confidentiality, diversity and the technology. But as I continued through my profession I always had this question about the use of technology to help clients be successful in their recovery. The ACA code of ethics answer my questions I have for example social media in section H says that social media presence for counselors can be separated by having two different profiles; one personal and the other professional. This ties to Part of Informed Consent, which outlines and explains how the part of the informed procedure, the benefits, limitations and boundaries are explained to clients. While writing this paper and researching I learned a lot from my research and how the codes help with the ethical decision-making process. While making sure we are leading our profession in the right direction.  We have to up hold these ethical standards because we always have to represent ourselves and the agency we work for by following the rulebook for our profession.


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