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Information Systems and Software Applications

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Information Systems and Software Applications

Information systems and software applications are an important part of the different organizational departments in a company. Three of the most important organizational departments in a company that should use various forms of information systems and software applications are the finance department, the human resource department, and the accounting department.

Information systems not only provide the means for the human resource department to make contributions to the company and daily operations, but also let managers understand the human resource process and become more involved in human resource. The responsibility of the human resource department is mainly the tracking of employee data which includes skills, personal histories, accomplishments, capabilities and salary. To lower the manual workload of these activities, companies began to automate many of these processes by introducing specialized management systems. Most companies needed a system that would cut needed to hire qualified candidates while improving applicant's response. This type of system will allow companies to concentrate the resume processing and provide information to make better hiring choices from a bigger candidate pool. Information technology is also important in the financial industry. It was one of the first to use computer services on a large scale using ATM machines, electronic transfer, automatic accounting.

One of the most important departments to use information systems and software applications in is the accounting department. There are many software applications that being used in the accounting departments. The key to using accounting software is to to make sure that you choose the correct software for the company. The accounting software selection can be difficult because of the number of choices available, the strengths and weaknesses of the packages, and the cost. Accounting software is used in a variety of


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