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Information System Justification

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Q) Record how much you spend on raw material, setting up a production studio in your home and booths at festivals, and contacting gift shops and bookstores.

Ans. Booth at festival: 100

Expenses on raw material: 200

Cost of contacting gift shops and bookstores: 400

Setting up of production studio in home: 1000

Q) Document how much you sell.

Ans. We plan to sell around 200 units

Q) Calculate business profits and expenses.

Ans: Cost of raw material: 200

Fixed cost: 1000

Other expenses: 500

Total cost: 1500+200(x)

X=no. of bookends sold=200

Selling price=800

Total cost: 1500+ (200x100) =21500

Profit= (800x100)-21500=58500


ACCOUNTING They will be responsible for recording the expenses and the profits of the business, giving a clear view of the health of the business

FINANCE They work will be to allocate funds to various departments and optimizing on cost and increasing profits

MARKETING Their work will be to contact various bookstores and gift shops and make the people aware of the company's products and thereby helping the company to increase its sales.

HUMAN RESOURCES They will be responsible for all the labour and the people working in various departments and will take care


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