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  • 3d Printing Feasibility Report

    3d Printing Feasibility Report 3D Printing A Feasibility Report Prepared for: X Prepared by: X 5 December 2014 MEMORANDUM 24 October 2014 TO: FROM: Subject: 3D Printing - Individual Feasibility Report Topic Relevance * 3D printing is a revolutionary technology that is slowly creeping its way into every industry, especially computer science and engineering. It will eventually allow households the ability to print a new organ, or it will allow an engineer to custom-build a product around their needs and environment. This innovation definitely presents many beneficial opportunities, but it also has a lot of pitfalls. If it’s

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    Submitted: December 5, 2015 By: kyle4642
  • After the Oil Runs out by James Jordan and James R. Powell

    After the Oil Runs out by James Jordan and James R. Powell

    “After the Oil Runs Out” by James Jordan and James R. Powell appeared in the Sunday, June 6th Outlook section of The Washington Post on page B7. The author analyzes Hubbert's Peak; it is a concept developed a half-century ago by a geologist named M. King Hubbert in which Hubbert argued that at a certain point oil production peaks, and thereafter it steadily declines regardless of demand. Jordan and Powell show how this concept can be used to explain what is going on today at the gas pump. They find that oil experts concur

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    Submitted: November 10, 2017 By: purple52062
  • Agile Technology

    Agile Technology

    Is Agile really the next big thing yet? Rohit Parekh Is Agile the next big thing in IT software development industry? For this we need to understand what Agile is and what does it bring to the table? Agile is a methodology for managing IT development teams and projects. The goal is to develop working software with high level requirements which evolve during a sprint of fixed duration. It emphasizes on active user involvement with more individual interactions versus more processes and tools. In my past job experience I worked as a Web Developer

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    Submitted: November 1, 2014 By: rohitp7291
  • Analytical Study on Product Quality and Performance Evaluation of Fasteners Used in Fashion Products

    Analytical Study on Product Quality and Performance Evaluation of Fasteners Used in Fashion Products

    RESEARCH PROPOSAL ANALYTICAL STUDY ON PRODUCT DESIGN, PERFORMANCE AND QUALITY EVALUATION OF FASTENERS USED IN FASHION PRODUCTS INTRODUCTION The purpose of this research study is to know about the product quality and the general performance of Textile fasteners in fashion industries. Especially Our Country did not have that much awareness of the fashion product & garment accessories. Still the people are choosing the apparels by their budget basis. This is not only for fashion products but also all. In this research will be taken 3 kind of textile fasteners manufacturing companies for Evaluation. let example

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    Submitted: September 19, 2018 By: dswesley
  • Anthony Robbins

    Anthony Robbins

    Anthony Robbins is one of the world's driving specialists in the brain science of pinnacle execution and individual, proficient and hierarchical 'turnaround'. The assorted variety of his work is reflected in the assortment of individuals he has helped, from proficient competitors and games groups, worldwide organizations, and people from all kinds of different backgrounds. Tony has filled in as a pinnacle execution specialist to an America's Cup victory, NBA and NHL groups, Andre Agassi and Serena Williams, and additionally associations from Hallmark to the US Army. He has educated individuals with respect to two regal

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    Submitted: December 19, 2017 By: lana
  • Atiqah Rusydina Mazlan (mc171005106) – S4

    Atiqah Rusydina Mazlan (mc171005106) – S4

    Atiqah Rusydina Mazlan (MC171005106) – S4 Video games are the most common entertainment in today’s society. It is undeniably addictive which leads to a bigger evolution of its existence. According to a resource online, I can define that video games are an electronic, interactive games known for their vibrant colors, sound effects, and complex graphics. With the modern technology features, people are able to create diversity of games that include many purposes. It is now widely known that it helps in providing educational purpose in an enjoyable way. This has increased interest in people worldwide

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    Submitted: March 5, 2019 By: dnmzln
  • Big Data and Its Implementation in Supply Chain Management: A Case Study of Ups

    Big Data and its implementation in Supply Chain Management: A case study of UPS Abstract Recently, people have witnessed the latest wave of technological progress is the Industry 4.0 where virtual and physical world would be connected. From the IT-perspective, it involves a new level of networking, devices interact and data integration in production. Therefore, information technology demand has already been necessary for companies to connect the whole value chain. As a part of 4.0 industrial revolution, Big data has gained the notable attention due to the greatest influence that big data has on supply

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    Submitted: July 15, 2018 By: Tiana13
  • Blue Ridge

    Blue Ridge

    Blue Ridge was founded in Virginia in 1959, and quickly established a reputation for quality fast managers, who had been accustomed to high margins and short lead times in their alcoholic beverages division, did not have the patience for the long and difficult road to develop these markets and would tolerate only those ventures that showed quick results. These early years of international expansion provided important learning opportunities as more managers gained a personal understanding of the key strategic factors behind successful foreign entry. The success of the company's international expansion efforts helped Blue Ridge

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    Submitted: December 16, 2012 By: sree2810
  • Bombardier V2

    Bombardier V2

    Bombardier Navegar con éxito los cielos turbulentos de un ERP a gran escala Ejecución Este caso presenta dos fases de un proyecto empresarial de gran transformación que implica la implementación de un sistema ERP con el objetivo de crear una empresa integrada. El caso ilustra algunos de los retos asociados con la integración. También se presentan los obstáculos que enfrentan empresas que llevan a cabo proyectos relacionados con los grandes proyectos de tecnología de la información. Bombardier y su entorno Joseph-Armand Bombardier tenía 15 años cuando construyó su moto de nieve por primera vez para

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    Submitted: March 9, 2016 By: jorgecs
  • Canon Introduction

    Canon Introduction

    Part A 1.0 Introduction of the company 1.1.1 Company's Founder and CEO Canon Inc was founded by Takeshi Mitarai, Takeo Maeda, Saburo Uchida and Goro Yoshida. Fujio Mitarai is the current Chairman and CEO of Canon Inc. He was appointed as the President of Canon in 1979 and he resigned his position in 2010 until 2012, he returned to Canon Inc. 1.1.2 Range of Products Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational company which produces different types of imaging and optical products such as interchangeable lens digital cameras, printers, camcorders, calculators and others. It divides its

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    Submitted: October 17, 2014 By: Rainne123
  • Caping Compensation for Road Accidents – Impact on Victims

    Caping Compensation for Road Accidents – Impact on Victims

    CAPING COMPENSATION FOR ROAD ACCIDENTS – IMPACT ON VICTIMS Sivakumar. B Professor and Head Department of Civil Engineering Eranad Knowledge City Technical Campus, Cherukulam Manjeri, Malappuram (Dt), Kerala, India Email: Word count: 3,337 words text + 9 tables x 250 words (each) = 5,587 words Submission Date: 30-07-2015 ________________ ABSTRACT Road traffic crashes are one of the major causes of death, injuries and disabilities all over the world. It’s after effects are very severe in developing countries like India. It not only adversely affects the national economy but also worsens the social status. All

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    Submitted: August 8, 2018 By: Sivakumar Balakrishnan
  • Career


    Every degree has its own benefits to the society. As a student studying computer science degree, when I think about my future career, one thing is certain that to help society. Doctorate degree and teachers are but obvious answers for the betterment for the society, but technology makes difference. I know that the impact may not be same as of nursing or teacher but the pros of technology make a difference. The truth is our lives without technology and technology without programming can`t exist. Directly or indirectly we all are connected to the daily use

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    Submitted: July 29, 2016 By: Ansh
  • Case Paper Rfid

    Case Paper Rfid

    Impact of RFID communication in container ports: • Eliminating Human Errors – this can be concluded from the automatic nature of RFID technology, therefore possibly avoiding human intervention and further leading to accurate and complete data collection and better utilization of Employee's time. • Reduction of stock-outs, Reduction of excess inventory in supply chain, sustainable impacts- RFID technology is already applied in many fields with reported and documented success and is used in warehouses and inventory to avoid stock-outs. {Rolin Ford( Executive VP & CIO of wal-mart stores) confirmed the benefits of using RFID, he

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    Submitted: December 15, 2014 By: rizul
  • Case Study Amazon.Com

    Case Study Amazon.Com

    AMAZON.COM CASE STUDY. Part:Hazazi Q4 What is the nature of competition faced by Amazon? Who are the major competitors on the internet? Who are the major competitors in traditional forms of retailing? Who will win? • Electronic competition (online book store) • Costco, Sam's Club, Walmart stores. Major competitors in Canada JV of Indigo Books & Music and Chapters (top retail brand). Barnes & Noble. E-Bay., Baker & Taylor. • Barne & Noble not only competes online through but also at its stores by giving customers a chance to sip their favourite Starbucks

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    Submitted: June 15, 2014 By: neobundles
  • Chemistry - Types of Solutions

    Chemistry - Types of Solutions

    A mixture is formed when two or more substances were combined. A solution is formed when the components of the mixture, namely solute and solvent, are cannot be differentiated from the other. Solute is the one being dissolved in the solution or the component that is lesser amount while the solvent is the one wherein the solute is being dissolved or the component that is of larger amount. Solvents also tend to preserve its physical state even though it is already on a solution. Types of solutions are based on the: physical state; relative amount

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    Submitted: September 19, 2016 By: Paul Carlos Tolentino
  • Childcare Centers for Working Parents

    Childcare Centers for Working Parents

    Some working parents believe childcare centers can provide the best care for children, others believe that family members like grandparents can do a better job. Discuss both sides and give your opinion. Over the past few years, in many families, both parents work. While some reckon that other family members can take care of their children when their parents go to work, others hold the belief that childcare centers will provide the best care. In this essay, I will discuss both of these views. On the one hand, children should be taken care of by

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    Submitted: December 11, 2018 By: npn7100
  • Cloud Computing - Specify the Service Model and Deployment Model(s) You Want to Integrate

    Cloud Computing - Specify the Service Model and Deployment Model(s) You Want to Integrate

    CLOUD COMPUTING Name Cloud Computing Institution 1.Specify the service model and deployment model(s) you want to integrate. The technology revolution has made it possible for companies to transact their operations irrespective of distance; the applications come along with prompt, effective and efficient services. In this paper, I will elaborate about cloud computing servers and security threats in addition to solutions. Cloud computing is the process of storing and accessing information and programs via the Internet as compared to the standard hard drives of the computer. On the other hand cloud computing architecture is the software

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    Submitted: January 3, 2019 By: Dan2017
  • Cocacola


    Firstly, when we think of soft drink the first idea come out of our mind is definitely Coca-Cola. "The Coca-Cola Company is the world's largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with more than 500 sparkling and still brands. Led by Coca-Cola, the world's most valuable brand, the Company's portfolio features 14 billion dollar brands including Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Coca-Cola Zero, vitaminwater, Powerade, Minute Maid, Simply and Georgia. Globally, Coca-cola is the No. 1 provider of sparkling beverages, juices and juice drinks and ready-to-drink teas and coffees. Through the world's largest beverage distribution system, consumers in

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    Submitted: December 17, 2012 By: alpd
  • Communication Defined

    Communication Defined

    Information Management Business Communication Communication and Its Process Defined 1. define communication and its elements; 2. illustrate the process of communication; 3. identify communication barriers; 4. value the need to communicate. Introduction Why do you need to study communication? Man is a social animal therefore, the ability to communicate is essential in all areas of life. Whether you are at home, in school or at your workplace, you always end up communicating with somebody. In the business world, communication proves to be very significant. When you go out to look for a job, you need

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    Submitted: June 17, 2014 By: maryjoyarcenas
  • Communication in the Workplace

    Communication in the Workplace

    Communication in the workplace is very important. Communication can be a double edge sword. According to Eunson “if only we could communicate more things would be better,” but this is not necessarily true as we can also overcommunicate on an issue. Communication is an important factor in building relationships with teams, clients and vendors. In one company that I worked for communication is constant. This prevents asymmetry of information and ensures the smooth running of the organization. In an organization that ships over 600,000 units daily, communication and effective communication is paramount. There are several

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    Submitted: January 20, 2019 By: Jacob Tortorella
  • Competitor Analysis of Industry

    Competitor Analysis of Industry

    Comp analysis client overview ecdemy Organic Posting 1. Social Calendar Under this activity, we created a social calendar for ecdemy learning solutions 1. About Social Calendar Social calendar is a kind of template under which we add all the relevant information related to our brand. This calendar helps brand to increase its awareness and also to increase organic likes of the page. By following social calendar, you can make your page more renowned. Social calendar is an editorial calendar which is basically for planning your content on social media. This calendar also helps in search

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    Submitted: December 1, 2017 By: Kanika Sachdeva
  • Comsci


    A mixture is formed when two or more substances were combined. A solution is formed when the components of the mixture, namely solute and solvent, are cannot be differentiated from the other. Solute is the one being dissolved in the solution or the component that is lesser amount while the solvent is the one wherein the solute is being dissolved or the component that is of larger amount. Solvents also tend to preserve its physical state even though it is already on a solution. Types of solutions are based on the: physical state; relative amount

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    Submitted: September 19, 2016 By: Paul Carlos Tolentino
  • Corrosion Engineering Corrosion in Metal Food Containers.

    Corrosion Engineering Corrosion in Metal Food Containers.

    (GAMRY Instruments) (GAMRY Instruments) Corrosion Engineering Corrosion in Metal Food Containers Abdullah Jan | 17452656 | ________________ 1. Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 1.1 background information 2 1.2 corrosion 2 1.3 sample 2 2 case study of corroded tin coated steel can 3 2.1 conditions 3 2.2 observation of the corroded metal 3 2.3 Mechanism 5 2.4 other factors that encourage corrosion 7 2.4.1 Salt water (Sodium Chloride) 7 2.4.2 Tin coating 7 2.4.3 Iron(III) oxide deposits 7 3 electrochemical technique 7 3.1 Linear polarization Resistance 7 3.2 Lpr test cell 7 3.3 lpr

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    Submitted: March 24, 2019 By: abdullahjan422
  • Creating a Master Template

    Creating a Master Template

    Creating a Master Template To create master template, please follow the steps below:-  Choose master in the view menu  Select slide master from the sub–menu  Make necessary changes to the slide master  Click close button to exit the slide master For the note section it is important to follow the instructions below; NOTE SECTION The master template controls certain text characteristics – such as font type, size and colour – called the master text, as well as background colour and some special effects such as shadowing and bullet style The Master

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    Submitted: May 18, 2016 By: Dolami
  • Data Communication Exam 1 Answers

    Data Communication Exam 1 Answers

    EXAM1-Review Name: _____________________________ Max Points: 36 Max Time: 60 min TRUE / FALSE 1. A local area network (LAN) connects other LANs and BNs located in different areas to each other and to wide area networks in a span from 3 to 30 miles. [False – LAN less than 3 miles] 2. Network standards permit customers to purchase hardware and software from different vendors, as long as the equipment meets the standards [True] 3. In the formal standardization process, the identification of choices stage consists of defining the solution and getting recognized industry leaders to

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    Submitted: December 6, 2015 By: illumin0s
  • Database Structure

    Database Structure

    PART 1 Below is a database structure and contents of a Sale Company. Your task is divided into following components ? Briefly give description of the database structure of the company in not more than 500 words Database structure shows that the product of the company, the clients, suppliers. At the same time, it also provides some about the relationship between them. Firstly, show some details of the clients, providing the high-quality service for customers. This table provide code, the user name, customer first, client, client prefix and customer balance. This information can help the

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    Submitted: July 10, 2012 By: michael1255
  • Dc Motor Characteristic.

    Dc Motor Characteristic.

    UON Newcastle Lab Report (5 ) ELEC2132 20.11.2016 DC MOTOR CHARACTERISTIC Conducted By : As shown in the diagram 5 the circuit is connected with the exception that the motor is connected to +5v terminal via the ammeter. 5V dc supply is connected to the trainer and the ammeter is observed as speed of the motor increases. The initial current is measured. In less than a second, the current is read when the speed is stabilized. This exercise for 15V is repeated and the results are checked. They are recorded in the following table. Voltage

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    Submitted: March 22, 2019 By: zack han
  • Deep Roots Distillery Case Study

    Deep Roots Distillery Case Study

    Kyle Precourt 3/21/19 2-2 Journal: Final Project Introduction The company that I decide for my final project this semester is Deep Roots Distillery. At Deep Roots Distillery, we are committed to using locally sourced ingredients to create exceptional spirits and liqueurs to give people a taste of what life is like on the stunning Prince Edward Island. This is the mission statement that I have written for DRD because it is evident from the case study that DRD is looking to create a quality local distillery for the people of Prince Edward Island and tourist

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    Submitted: April 11, 2019 By: kkhgqq
  • Deep Web Monitoring System

    Deep Web Monitoring System

    The impact of our Deep Web monitoring system will be that the users using our service will know if any of their personal information has been leaked online. The information that we provide will be something that users don’t have ready access to as it is not easy for a regular user to access deep web information to look for personal details. The service we provide will act as an insurance for the user as users may feel it is better to keep paying an investigator like us to look for their information on the

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    Submitted: April 20, 2018 By: abcd
  • Description of the Management Issue of Apple Inc. in the Context of the Newton Platform

    Description of the Management Issue of Apple Inc. in the Context of the Newton Platform

    1. Description of the Management Issue of Apple Inc. in the context of the Newton Platform Apple Inc. has been for decades known as one of the utmost innovating entities in the high-tech computing industry. The primary competitive advantage of Apple Inc. is its capability of placing in the market products representing radical innovations. The primary reason why this organization has been bestowed with the privilege to be praised with such a difficult to copy competitive advantage is without to doubt related to the fact that this entity has placed "New to the Market Innovations"

    Essay Length: 714 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: July 13, 2014 By: selimi

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