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Childcare Centers for Working Parents

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Some working parents believe childcare centers can provide the best care for children, others believe that family members like grandparents can do a better job. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Over the past few years, in many families, both parents work. While some reckon that other family members can take care of their children when their parents go to work, others hold the belief that childcare centers will provide the best care. In this essay, I will discuss both of these views.

On the one hand, children should be taken care of by their other family members because of the following reasons. To begin with, grandparents have passed parenting for their own kids before and also have a lot of life experiences, they will have a better idea about childcare skills and be able to look after little kids. As a result, grandparents can more give care to children’ physical healthy. A typical example to illustrate this is their balanced diet will be prepared well and food safety is guarantied. In addition, when children are in grandparents’ care, they can save more money. This is useful for families who are not well-off.

On the other hand, there are many justifications for why the childcare centers have many advantages to the youth in several aspects. In the first place, in childcare organizations employees are professional in babysitting skills and trains well in this task so they know how to cope with kids in various situations. For instance, they will teach the communication, teamwork… for kids. Moreover, meeting other children encourages kids to develop appropriate social behaviors, help the growth of psychology healthy. In the second place, going to childcare centers will bring entertainment to children.


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