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Analytical Study on Product Quality and Performance Evaluation of Fasteners Used in Fashion Products

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       The purpose of this research study is to know about the product quality and the general performance of Textile fasteners in fashion industries. Especially Our Country did not have that much awareness of the fashion product & garment accessories. Still the people are choosing the apparels by their budget basis. This is not only for fashion products but also all. In this research will be taken 3 kind of textile fasteners manufacturing companies for Evaluation.  let example ykk is one of the industry among that which is Japanese based industries and is one of the leading industries around world, Even though they are having manufacturing unit almost 31 countries. In India the factory is located in Guragon at New Delhi and they have sales office in 180 plus countries. More over another Companies like Prym, Scovill, Madura Coats, Tex, Ideal, TTK Premier Products are also included. The study is concentrating only fashion Industries. Here this will project by the following aspects the product quality by measuring the material Quality, material handling methods, quality assurance & controlling   then the second thing is to identify the performance evaluation of buyer's and   Exporter's perception. the Main objective of this research will create the awareness and important about Fashion accessories products among Indian fashion sectors and manufactures. The products are nominated by so many buyers around the world. but when they give order to the manufacturer who won't follow whatever they are supposed to do. Even they don't know how to use the fastener's attaching machines and more over clarify the factors that contribute to differences and similarities among the Textile and Fashion markets. Most certainly the study confirmed that global based quality background factors have an impact on characterizing fashion attitudes and performance between all fashion consumers. Implications of the findings suggest to marketers of only South India. Then the apparel firms that several appropriate globalization and management strategies can be implemented for gaining successful market and orders presence in South India.


In the apparel products the popularly used fasteners (closures) are buckles, buttons, clips, elastic fasteners, grommets, hook and eye, hook and loop, metal fasteners, plastic fasteners, rivets, snaps, velcro, zippers etc(1). Every product is the sum of its parts. If something as important as a fastener fails, product performance suffers. Fasteners are used on a variety of applications such as clothing, footwear, medical devices, boating products and military equipment. The important factors for the customers of Fastener products are the design and function along with the highest quality and durability(2). The merging of urban life has been shifting people lifestyle towards simplicity and efficiency of time. Research has been carried out to establish the simplicity on apparel by using neodymium magnet as a closure. This closure can reduce the time consumption in wearing apparel which is suitable for urban lifestyle as well as to offer new and unique apparel closure. The time efficiency on using magnetic closures are found better when compared with button and zipper closures(3).

The requirement of closures are highly demanding especially when they are used in specialised functional garments like chemical, fire protection etc(4). Brand buyers are committed to provide quality products to protect their business image. The need for safety is crucial and is strongly recognised across all markets, especially for children’s clothing(5). The right guideline shall assist the suppliers with safety through the product development process. Components used on children’s apparel, such as zippers, drawstrings, fasteners and decorative attachments must not present any hazards to children during normal use, or as a result of any foreseeable damage or abuse. If a supplied product does not meet all the required safety standards, laws, rules and regulations, a supplier would be liable to the brand for product withdrawals/recall costs and customer returns to store along with other legal obligations under the agreement and applicable laws(6). The clothing requirements for closures for disabled clothing are different. A project was carried out on disabled clothing by merges electronics and with traditional apparel closures to change how people might experience the closure of clothing in relation to the body to provide an opportunity to rethink about fashion “hardware” such as, snaps, zippers, and magnets as closures for garments for both people of abled and disabled bodies(7). For special applications like space suits require water and air tight zipper, and research is going on to meet this kind of challenging requirements in the closure manufacturing(8).

There are various standards of quality and test evaluation procedures available for the different types of closures based on their application. The testing standards for buttons or snap fasteners as a fastening device also vary greatly in different countries. There are different testing standards from leading countries all around the world acknowledged internationally in the fashion and fastening industries around the world(9,10).


   The fashion industry is one of the good economic sectors in India. It will give the wonderful outcome to our economic development in our country. There are so many industries around our countries but people do not have aware about the fasteners' product as well as usage. Even many of them are not aware how to use and handle the materials. At that time the product may be rejected as per the quality assurance. That is the major problem of this research, then it will help to rectify and give solution for that issues Even teach how the quality should improve and maintain. Once all issues   will be sorted out then the rejections may be prevented. the reason is the people those who are working in the garment industries as employer, employee and workers don't have aware and lack of knowledge about the material and product. here this research will help to improve the awareness of product, quality and performance of fashion industries to get more growth.


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