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Description of the Management Issue of Apple Inc. in the Context of the Newton Platform

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1. Description of the Management Issue of Apple Inc. in the context of the Newton Platform

Apple Inc. has been for decades known as one of the utmost innovating entities in the high-tech computing industry. The primary competitive advantage of Apple Inc. is its capability of placing in the market products representing radical innovations. The primary reason why this organization has been bestowed with the privilege to be praised with such a difficult to copy competitive advantage is without to doubt related to the fact that this entity has placed "New to the Market Innovations" as one of its primary corporate strategic goals and dedicated extensive investments with regards to its cultivation. More specifically, Apple cultivated its strategic goal for developing radically innovative products new to the market (to the point of converting it to a strategic competitive advantage) through developing an ultra-knowledge-based workforce and overall organizational structure, as well as, through investing in the development of a cutting edge high technology operational infrastructure.

Nevertheless, in spite of being an entity which constantly thrives due to having the capability of placing in the market products representing radical innovation, there have been several cases where this exact aspiration of Apple to conquer the market through technologically innovative products led the firm to experiencing momental product failures. A typical example of a fiasco scenario of such a nature for Apple Inc. was the decision of the company to in the year 1993 launch the Newton Platform. More specifically, in the year 1993 the entity launched a handheld PDA named as Apple's Newton, which represents the ancestor (old version of the I-pad, given that I-pad represented the revival of the Newton concept). Apple's Newton PDA at the time when it was initially launched had the intention of providing almost identic functional customer value as the I-pad nowadays, as well as, was of an equivalent technologically innovative nature (given the technological innovation standards predominating several decades ago). Nevertheless, contrary to the I-pad which as stated was an astronomic commercial success , the launch of the Newton Platform not solely that was the greatest product fiasco experienced by the entity of Apple but also ranks itself as one of the top product failures in the entire history of the United States. The extent to which this product proved to be an undisputed fiasco is in the most overt manner reflected through the fact that due to the miniscule product demand generated in the market, the product inspite of having previously accumulated vast investment resources by the side of Apple had to be withdrawn


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