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Case Study Amazon.Com

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What is the nature of competition faced by Amazon?

Who are the major competitors on the internet?

Who are the major competitors in traditional forms of retailing?

Who will win?

• Electronic competition (online book store)

• Costco, Sam's Club, Walmart stores. Major competitors in Canada JV of Indigo Books & Music and Chapters (top retail brand). Barnes & Noble. E-Bay., Baker & Taylor.

• Barne & Noble not only competes online through but also at its stores by giving customers a chance to sip their favourite Starbucks brew while browsing the latest magazines, newspapers, and books. Wall-mart.

• Amazon by online store will win because traditional store offer limited retail shelf space. In addition, publishers typically offer generous rights of return for their customers and as a result effectively bear the risk of their customer's demand forecasting which encourage over ordering. Other drawback are additional cost incurred and traditional book retailers are not readily equipped with regard to collect data on customer demographic and psychographic (behavioral) thus limiting opportunities for direct marketing and personalized


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