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Mgmt 2500 - Amazon Case Study

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Jeffrey Huang


MGMT 2500


Case Study #1

        Given its work culture, would Amazon continue to be a competitive employer and offer an attractive employee value proposition? Did the strategy of keeping employees on the edge always result in innovation?

        Although with the work culture at amazon would continue to be a competitive employer just because of the name of their brand. Not everyone will go to someone who was previously employed by amazon and ask about how the job life is. Someone would hear Amazon and think wow a big company wants me. They could still offer a strong employee value proposition because of all the accomplishments it already has. Working for amazon would be big for a kid who just got out of college. Although it would still have these perks if they don’t change their culture then the turnover rate would still be the same. Millennials care about recognition and being appreciated and if amazon cannot provide that then many will quit. The way the management worked made the employees compete to be better. In my opinion that would make the company better and more innovative. You get rid of the employees who do not work as hard or do not have the talent to compete with the others to have the absolute best company you can have. Although they did not have any females in top leadership teams makes it seem like sexism is a thing in the workplace still. This would be a problem for the company. Also 80-hour work weeks are extreme and would push employees away. Keeping employees on the edge did not always result in innovation. It led to more people quitting because of the pressure of the competition of other employees and not enough time with their families.         


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