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Deep Web Monitoring System

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The impact of our Deep Web monitoring system will be that the users using our service will know if any of their personal information has been leaked online. The information that we provide will be something that users don’t have ready access to as it is not easy for a regular user to access deep web information to look for personal details. The service we provide will act as an insurance for the user as users may feel it is better to keep paying an investigator like us to look for their information on the dark web proactively rather than coming to know about such a leak after an incident has already taken place. Users may also get access to information that they may not be ready for example personal messages, emails or pictures. There can be instances that a user may realize that his/her personal information may have been circulating the web for a while and they had no idea about it. Some of these news and reports may be traumatizing to the common man. It is going to be our responsibility to guide our users through the process of information change and help them in the redressal process.

Benefits to the user: Users who has not found any information about themselves on the deep web after using our service may feel that it is


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