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Nissan’s Restructuring

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(1) To select and recruit indicators from the work force to CFTs: As the request from the CEO, HR department generated 1,500 files of employees , which contained personal interests and performances for leading schedule as well as discussions for consideration in the process. Additionally, HR also recruited new blood based on the need of policy.

(2) To set up new salary and bonus structures: In order to set up performance-oriented culture for Nissan. HR department built new salary and bonus structures. Employees who resisted change were told they had one year to change their attitude. While some were excited about having more chances to be promoted, others were disoriented, which meant HR needed to manage via providing early retirement plans, transferring or layoffs.

(3) To manage the compensation plans for plants closures: Nissan conducted reductions for headcount and closing several plants during the transformation. HR needed to implement the compensation plan based on not only the financial policy of the company but also the related data of each employees.

(4) To communicate the vision and targets consistently to whole organization


Nissan’s restructuring is a great example for


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