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Business Information Management

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Business Information Management


Assignment: Essay

Lecturer: Zhaohao Sun

Tutor: Chris Wallace

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Reference Style: APA Style

Due Date: 13/05/2011

Evaluation SOL as new or old work place

SOL is defiantly a new workplace through the way the whole business is set up from the offices that explode with colour to the employees all walking around the halls on yellow portable phones and jigsaw shaped tables that can be moved around and set up in any sort of way they want.

SOL are big on freedom and none conventional corporate life they don't have titles or secretaries, individual offices or set work hours like most "old workplaces" would in regard to 9 to 5 work days the staff have more flexibility into the actual work hours they do if they get the job done early then they leave early but if it takes a bit longer one day then they just stay and get the job done.


Red Bull is my chosen company for this report as they are a market leader in the sports drink market through there large presence on the World Wide Web and through there different forms of advertising from owning F1 race car teams to holding high diving contests organised by their


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