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Management Business Analysis

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Under Armour, Inc

Core Strategy

The strategy of Under Armour is to designs, develop, market and distributes appeal, footwear, and accessories for men, women and children worldwide. Products are primary for use in all level of athletics from youth to professional. They tend to expend their market not only in domestic but also all over the world.

External Analysis


  • Corporate with small business or school rather than NBA
  • Add charity department in order to increase the public impression
  • Corporate with fashion designer to develop limited product
  • Increase the advertisement spending
  • Move the production line in the low labor cost country
  • Make financial decisions to increase the financial capital


  • Competitors design new high technology product
  • Follow the fashion path
  • Competitors design same or similar products
  • Social economic problem influence
  • Customer may not care about how you hinge you brand

Internal Analysis


  • Existing retail stores and corporate stores are all over the world
  • Sales tend to increase every year
  • Expense of product is acceptable and low which can lead income in a good condition
  • Existing corporation with large company such as NBA


  • Products are very easy to copy by competitors
  • Labor cost is a big influence of product expense
  • Rely on the old design
  • Corporate store takes a large


Firstly, I world suggest UA move their product line from China to some low labor cost county since the increase of labor cost in China will continue to increase in the future. Secondly, if UA want to sell more products, it needs everyone to know it. So, UA should increase the advisement cost. On the other hand, doing donation to the poor is also can increase it social expression. For example, Toms shoes company donates one shoes to the poor area when customer buys one in the store. UA can try this as well. Finally, it is necessary to design some fashion or limited product with famous designer because the most frequency buyer are always follow the fashion line.


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