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1. Boa should not develop a brand at the consumer level. Boa is successful as an “ingredient” product with premium brand partners. Conducting market research, Boa can identify brands that will be a good fit for the Boa Closure System. Partnering with this brand partners allows Boa to be heavily involved with the design, manufacturing, and marketing process without having to invest in the complete production of the product. In addition, Boa benefits by using well respected premium brands. Developing a brand at the consumer level would pose difficulty for entering their desired markets.


I agree with Sheila’s point to gain more support at the retail level. Most customers’ specialty stores seek guidance and advice from the retailers. If they push a product, sales are likely to increase. Additionally, I disagree that consumers may not understand the product, but rather, that consumers trust the competing brands names more.

I do not agree with Michele’s points. It first assumes that consumers will pay attention to the Boa name. I think that as an ingredient product, consumers are buying a premium name brand and then adding the Boa Closure system as an added benefit.

I disagree with Julie’s points because the costs to fully produce, market, and enter each market will far outweigh the cost being an ingredient product. I think being able to be an addition to various premium brands allows them greater visibility and exposure.


I think Boa needs to focus its efforts on premium high cost products that will benefit with the Boa Closure System. The first summit that Boa should focus on is Medical Devices. The medical industry is a huge opportunity for Boa to become a highly sought after commodity. The need is much higher than the sports enthusiast, it’s consistent worldwide, and it’s much more expensive than


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