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Professional Values and Ethics

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Professional Values and Ethics

Superior ethics are defined differently according to the upbringing and cultural ethics of an individual. High-quality ethics can be taught and acquired from parents, friends, or significant people that were looked up to during the earlier stages of life when individuality is being molded. Characteristics can also be defined by the principles that people exhibit along with the ethics that they apply daily. It is imperative to have a dependable value structure and not get abstracted with any negative actions that can be foreign to personal morals, or character. When demonstrating fine ethics, which is personal views, or expectations as to how life should be lived, it is heartening to those around to make first-class decisions that will secure their success in the future. Maintaining a high-level of ethics, serve as a fundamental basis which configures behavior toward others and helps to ensure rules are followed while making important decisions that can mold the future. Good quality values and ethics harmonize each other and serve as a key to success. This issue with this is what is quality values to one may not alien with another's thinking.

Ethics according to Merriam – Webster dictionary ethics(the second "ethics" needs to be taken out) is "a set of moral principles: a theory or system of moral values" (Merriam-Webster, 2010) however; walking down the street if you polled five people (maybe reword this to say "if five people were polled") on whether or not it is ethical for a physician to assistant in a patient suicide, five different answers would be heard all with shades of gray and many questions to the specifics. This is addressed but solved, by many professions or professional associations outlining ethical guidelines to follow. The National Association of Social Workers has a set of core values. This makes the association of social work have an important purpose and outlook:

• Service

• Social Justice

• Dignity and worth of the person

• Importance of human relationship

• Integrity

• Competence

(Put indention for the paragraph start) The set of core values reflect what is anomalous to the social work occupation. Professional ethics are at the core of social work. This profession has a responsibility to its basic values, ethical principles, and ethical standards. There are six reasons the NASW code of ethics stand for:

• Identifies core values

• Summarizes

• Helps to identify conflict/ethical uncertainties

• Holds standard work professions accountable

• Socialize skills

• Workers cooperation with NASW

(Put indention for the paragraph start) For instance, social works may not help family issues this could lead to a conflict. The family member may want certain treatment could be an ethical violation (National Association of Socail Workers, 2010). Nurse's ethics are outlined in the ICN code of Ethics is a guide on social values and needs. It guides nurses each day they make choices and allows them to refuse to be a part in activities that conflict with caring and healing. The values a nurse must follow are:

• Beliefs about concepts such as life and death

• The higher power who should receive health care and what kind

• Complex issues such as abortion and euthanasia

(Put indention for the paragraph start) A person's values may change once they begin to practice to help keep a level playing field a basic outline that nurses must follow:( (tab over 2 times to have bullets line up)

• Hold a licenses

• Know the scope of nursing practice in the state he or she is employed

• Personal commitment to fulfill the legal responsibilities and good nursing practice

• Take actions in a situation when there is unprofessional conduct by a peer or other health care provider

• Recognize and have a commitment, ethical and moral obligations of nursing

• Not accept or perform professional responsibilities if he or she is not competent to perform (Jean & Marteau, 2006).

If a professional chooses not to follow the ethical guidelines outlined by either an organization or even an employer the consequences can be life altering. "An ethical culture can ensure success by establishing appropriate expectations using proper guidelines, thus preventing the need or desire to be involved in any questionable business practices (Steve)." Most people have known of someone that has done a little extra for him or herself. Maybe this was just taking some printer paper home for personal use or grabbing a bite to eat on company money or could have been more serious such as altering the books for their monetary gain. Professional values and ethics are something that each individual should always take into consideration with each job. Occasionally it will be hard to do what is right just because it is right, but being able to do the right thing without anyone looking will benefit in the long run. This has been proven in recent times with cases such as Enron and WorldCom (Bizcovering, 2009). Professional values are


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