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Play: Darco Volcano (da for Short)

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Play: Darco Volcano (DA for short)


On this play, we have the centre in the middle, the guards either side if him and one wide receiver on the left and one on the right. The running back is also on the left and the Quarter-Back is 1.55m behind the centre. Firstly, the centre snaps the ball to the Quarter-Back and while this is being done, the wide receiver and running back on the left run up the field trying to get open from their defenders. The hold the ball for a second to see if anyone is open to pass to, and if not he will run right will the wide receiver on the right sets a screen/blocks the opposition defenders trying to catch the Quarter-Back. The man with the ball will then score.


First the centre snaps the ball to the Quarter-Back who is 1.5m behind the centre. As soon as this is done, the guards block the oncoming opposition guards trying to sack the Quarter-Back. Also at that time, the running back and the wide receiver on the left make a dash up the field looking to get open. After the Quarter-Back has decided whether to pass the ball or not, he executes the pass or runs sideways to


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