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A ?cursed? Man? a Short View of Dr.Zhu

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My name is Haonan Zhu, a name all of you will remember as a "cursed" man after reading. I was born in a small town in China. Unlike most of my schoolmates, I chose to go to America for my further education. After my graduation from Purdue University as an Engineering student, I worked in a national company for years until recently I have ended my career as a VP of Engineering in America. Is my life so smooth as all events above? Why I call myself "cursed"?

In addition to that how about my age? I will reveal it to you one at a time. Now, I am not sure whether I am 18 or 81 years old since my goal is always merely to free myself from the "curse". I cannot see any difference as years goes by except my outlook in others' view. For me, my age has stopped since I triggered the "curse."

So what is the "curse"? It has been a long story.

In my thoughts, there is a group of people who are born to "tragedy", because they are "cursed" to be those who cannot stop their mind thinking about problems. They suffer days and nights if they cannot get their answers. They believe they can never break the "curse" unless they find something called Truth. Challenging and overcoming is their main enjoyment.

"Unfortunately", I belong to this group.

It has been a while since the day I triggered the "curse". The first time was when I received advanced math problems from my teacher as a grade student. When I brought those questions back home, I whispered to myself after my first view: "They are difficult but I can solve them within minutes." However, the process went on and went on endlessly. After I excitedly announced to myself that I finished my task, my parents came back home much earlier than what I thought.

"Why do you come back so early?"



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