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Article Selected: The Winter Man - Kindness of Strangers

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Article Selected: The Winter Man - Kindness of Strangers

Writer: Marj Kenny

? Define the Purpose/ subject of the article.

The articles tells us that we should help someone in need if we see them and it is actually not hard to do so. For example, in the article, all the guy had to do to help the old man was call the ambulance. Yet, in our society nowadays, we often see needy people by the streets and people just walk pass them without even looking at them. This shows that kindness is not very present in our society.

? What is/are the key question/questions that the writer is addressing?

The writer addresses the issue of kindness in our society. A simple act of kindness like calling the ambulance to help the old man in this article can help save someone but many people seem to ignore this fact or are unsure how to help when they see someone in need. The fact that the old man said " Nobody stopped. Thank you." just shows what a shameful society we are in where only a minority of people would stop and ask the old man if he was fine. If we continue to ignore this issue, many people who could have been save by a small act of kindness might be affected.

? What are the points of view/arguments presented by the writer?

The writer says at the end of the article did he feel shame for almost walking past another person in need and realizing that it was actually really easy to help someone.

? How far do you agree with his line of reasoning/argument(s)? Is/Are there an point/points that he addresses that you disgrace and would like to refute/ rebut/ counter?

I agree with the writer that showing an act of kindness to a stranger is not hard yet it is uncommon in our society nowadays. Besides calling an ambulance, by just asking if they are fine is also being kind.

However, in Singapore, this might be a different issue as there are many beggars by the streets who just sit there and beg. The Government discourages us from giving money to them as some may not have a license to beg or could be fakes and by giving money to them we are encouraging them to beg illegally. Thus, this could be one of the reasons why nowadays people do not stop by to help someone in need. With the changes in generation, people have become smarter and use cunning tactic and tricks to take advantage of people's kindness. Thus, perhaps we cannot blame people for not stopping to help someone.

However, we do not have to find a needy person on the streets to show kindness. By donating to a needy organization like in the recent Japan Earthquake where people can donate through


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