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The Quiet Man

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The Quiet Man is a movie that features John Wayne as a serious, quiet Sean Thornton who has gone back to his home country of Ireland. He has returned to his birth place to reestablish himself. This movie shows a different side of what John Wayne normally does in film. In this movie his Western followers may be an audience interested in seeing a different side of John Wayne. Another audience that may enjoy seeing this movie is the Irish audience who appreciates the Irish culture and traditions of that time.

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According to Anne Gille from Irish audiences react with much gusto whether it is laughing or tragedy. One can be certain if an Irish audience is enjoying your film. Historically the Irish respond with much gusto. You can be certain your audience is enjoying it from the way they verbalize and respond. At least you are certain they are enjoying it. In this movie there is much for the Irish audience to relate to and enjoy.

The Irish Audience can relate to the beautiful green countryside of Ireland. The lush grassy rolling hills of Ireland are displayed. The sheep roaming the pastures of the country side are breathtaking. The Irish audience would also appreciate the fact this film was actually filmed in Ireland. John Wayne actually travelled to Ireland to make this film. This is one of a few films that were filmed in Ireland.

The movie holds true to the Irish culture as the running theme throughout the movie. There are two main traditions in Ireland pertaining to marriage. In this movie the traditional passing down of a dowry is a huge part of the plot. Aside from the dowry, another emphasis is placed on the fact that John Wayne’s character has to ‘ask permission’ to marry the girl he is in love with. The Irish Audience is also treated to hearing the national song of Gaelic playing throughout the movie.

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John Wayne plays a normal person with feelings and emotions instead of the strong tough guy. This film is out of character for John Wayne. He does not normally play in a romance/comedy role. Most of John Wayne’s films are westerns or military movies so his fans would enjoy seeing him play a different type of role. He lights up his cigarettes


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