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  • A Review of the English Madrigal School of Music

    A Review of the English Madrigal School of Music

    A Review of the English Madrigal School of Music When one (the average American) thinks of a madrigal, or madrigal singing, an English king's court musicians with lute and flute come to mind; perhaps the sounds that would accompany a Shakespearian play may be conjured as well. However, madrigals had a much earlier start. Madrigals began as "…two different forms of Italian music, one related to the poetic madrigal in the 14th [century], the other the most common form of secular vocal music in the 16th [century]," (Columbia)*. Due to the invention of movable type

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    Submitted: October 27, 2013 By: izzybaggs
  • Agriculture - the Quality of Seeds

    Agriculture - the Quality of Seeds

    As one of the foremost and basic input in agriculture, the quality of seeds must be maintained to maximize crop production and to ensure genetic conservation for future use. To fulfill its role as a germplasm, seeds must possess characteristics, such as appropriate moisture content and viability which is the ability of a seed to successfully germinate and grow normally and denotes the seed’s state of being alive and active. Seed germination is referred to as the process in which seed starts to develop into a new plant under favorable conditions. It can be

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    Submitted: December 1, 2018 By: andrynickrance
  • American Beauty - Movie Review

    American Beauty - Movie Review

    American Beauty – by its tittle, the movie was introduced by the director Sam Mendes to audiences in 1990s. After its release, the movie indicated and earned its position to be one of the genre of classic American cinema and a prodigious outcomes for the movie’s investment. This essay would serve and determine the specific script techniques in the movie for its main characters’ specific effects (McCormack, 2007). From this analysis, the conclusion would be surrounding and supporting the challenges and deconstruction on the identities of main characters in the movie. American Beauty was produced

    Essay Length: 1,601 Words / 7 Pages
    Submitted: August 17, 2018 By: Pham Anh
  • Animal Farm - Film Review

    Animal Farm - Film Review

    Rachel.J Ms.Outten ENG2U Nov.12. 2016 “Animal Farm” Film Review “Animal Farm” is an outstanding animation movie, an adaptation of George Orwell’s 1944 novel of the same name. It is directed by John Habs and Joy Batchelor and dubbed by Gordon Health and Maurice Denham in 1954. “Animal Farm” is based on a splendid fable story, which develops around human beings—Mr.Jones, Pilkington, Frederick and animals like the pigs named Old Major, Napoleon, Snowball, Squealer, and the horse called Boxer. The movie presents the novel in a dramatic way that enhances the readers’ understanding of the story.

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    Submitted: September 7, 2017 By: aakk48
  • Beethoven's Piano Sonata in C Sharp Major

    Beethoven's Piano Sonata in C Sharp Major

    Kody Woodson Music 256-01 Dr. Jordan 2/02/11 Beethoven's Piano Sonata in C Sharp Major In this listener's/writer's opinion, Beethoven's sonata in C# is one of his best works. The name "Moonlight Sonata" was coined by a German music critic by the name of Ludwig Rellstab after Beethoven's death, comparing the piece to moonlight reflecting off Lake Lucerne . The Sonata is in three movements: I. Adagio sostenuto, II. Allegretto and III. Presto, with the first movement being the iconic piece that is so widely known. Beethoven wrote the sonata and dedicated it to his seventeen

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    Submitted: June 23, 2012 By: supermann271
  • Business Law

    Business Law

    Business Law Rule of Law: a set of written rules of public interest. This set of law can be a constitution, international laws (EU), statutes, customs. It is a code composed of directives (goals) and regulations. Who creates the law? In CLC, as the lower courts have to follow what is done by the higher courts on same cases, the Supreme court are considered as creating the law (bound to the precedent). In WLC, the lower courts should refer to the higher courts but they can take decision different than the one taken by the

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    Submitted: April 11, 2018 By: David Trung
  • Cello Sonata No. 1 in E Minor, Op. 38

    Cello Sonata No. 1 in E Minor, Op. 38

    Cello Sonata No. 1 in E minor, Op. 38 Johannes Brahms started the Op. 38 in 1862, it is a traditional 3 movement sonata, eventually finishing the piece in 1865. This piece helped cement Brahms as one of the most influential chamber style composers throughout the romantic period. Walter Niemann said that Op. 38 could be called “the Elegant and Pastoral Sonata”, and is one of the composer's most famous works. This Sonata was dedicated to a friend of his Gänsbacher, from Viennese. Gänsbacher brought Brahms an invitation to conduct the Singakademie, a very

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    Submitted: January 20, 2019 By: vishnuket
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    Charlie and the chocolate factory: Give two examples how Charlie is a hero or acts heroic in this story. What kinds of archetypal hero does he seem to fit? Give specific support from the story. Charlie Bucket is the main character of the book Charlie and the chocolate factory. He is a very well-mannered and well behaved boy who knows how to respect his elders. He comes from a very poor family and often times there is not enough to feed all the family members. He is never complaining about less supply of food and

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    Submitted: October 6, 2015 By: aimenz
  • Critical Scene Analysis - True Grit

    Critical Scene Analysis - True Grit

    Critical Scene Analysis: True Grit Adapting a book into a film is often very difficult, as directors and writers need to condense paragraphs - even pages - of text into a only a few seconds on the screen. This often means that many of the finer details are missed. True Grit uses a variety of film elements to bring the original novel on which it is based to life. The movies mis en scene paints the picture of a classic Western movie, beginning with soft, western piano music - reminiscent of something one would hear

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    Submitted: April 17, 2019 By: Sewlet
  • Determination: What Are You Made Of?

    Determination: What Are You Made Of?

    Recently I watched two movies that really inspired me. It is based on true story and inspiring enough to make me start writing a blog again after 5 years I didn't write any What so powerful about those movies is the display of great determination by the main characters. The first movie I watched was Conviction (Hilary Swank) and the second one was Flash of Genius (Greg Kinnear). In case you haven't watched those movies, I'm afraid you'll find a lot of spoilers here. Consider yourself warned If you're planning to watch it, please read

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    Submitted: February 27, 2013 By: eupholia
  • Dmiti's Adventure in Russia

    Dmiti's Adventure in Russia

    It was December 27. The airport was more than crowded today, since all of the families in Russia were traveling to visit their families for the new year.15:00 was one of the busiest times. There is a common mix of happy chatter along with grumpy complaints as people wait in line for their planes. Along with the soft rolling of plastic suitcase wheels along velvety carpets comes the electronic sounds of airport security. A little boy and his mother are placing their items in the tupper-wear containers as they walk through the metal detector. Outside,

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    Submitted: October 20, 2014 By: ibern
  • Easy Rider Film Industry Presentation Slide Notes

    Easy Rider Film Industry Presentation Slide Notes

    Easy Rider Film Industry Presentation Slide Notes Slide One Easy Rider, penned by its two stars Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper, was created on a shoestring budget and released in 1969. The film follows the story of two “hippie” bikers traveling to New Orleans after a drug deal. The film was a huge success, earning about 60 million dollars and its legacy continues to influence modern filmmaking. Slide Two One of the biggest contributions Easy Rider made to the film industry lies in how music is used in the film. Rather than score the film

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    Submitted: March 26, 2017 By: crcleofdst
  • Elephant Screening Report

    Elephant Screening Report

    Gabriel A. MCM-150 Screening Report Elephant There is constant steady camera angles throughout each scene with no real script being presented in any way, though quite frustrating at times it actually holds significance towards the structure of the film. Each time the camera follows a certain character through long, sometimes mundane periods of time. Each perspective brings out sort of an eerie ambiance to the film, displaying the more domestic and somewhat boring lives of people through their daily routines. With little to no dialogue, the movie emphasizes on the cinematic aspect to provide a

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    Submitted: December 10, 2016 By: gkat223
  • Erich Remarque Disagrees with Some Prospects of War

    Erich Remarque Disagrees with Some Prospects of War

    Erich Remarque disagrees with some prospects of war, and in All Quiet on the Western Front he disputes these immoral issues through Paul. Towards the end of the novel, when forces become weaker, the German army must look to younger recruits to fight in the war. Paul sees these young boys coming into the war with no idea that any slight mistake can kill them. Similar to this, poet Siegfried Sassoon wrote Dreamers with the same idea. Both Paul and Sassoon agree that the young boys sent into war do not affect the outcome of

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    Submitted: March 5, 2013 By: bartelby182
  • Essay on the Hunt Analysis

    Essay on the Hunt Analysis

    The hunt [a]is a beautifully executed film about a very sensitive subject which is child abuse. While there is no actual abuse or pedophilia shown in the movie yet it is one of the highly successful movies made on the subject. Mads Mikkelsen who plays Lucas and Annika Wedderkopp who plays Klara perfectly capture and portray the characters in the movie to the extent of emotionally getting them attached to the audience and making the story feel more real and alive. [b]The story revolves around a white lie, community fears, lost truth, false memory and

    Essay Length: 3,112 Words / 13 Pages
    Submitted: October 5, 2015 By: TripleA69
  • Film Noir Review

    Film Noir Review

    L.A Confidential is an action packed Curtis Hanson. It was created in 1997 as a neo-noir film, which is a version of film noir shot after 1970. “Hansons” L.A. Confidential tells the story of an up and coming detective named Ed Exley during the 1950s, Sergeant Edmund Exley, son of the legendary LAPD detective Preston Exley, is determined to live up to his father's reputation. He gets out to a rough start by agreeing to testify in the Bloody Christmas case in exchange for a promotion to Detective Lieutenant, because now he is hated

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    Submitted: February 2, 2017 By: JoeGallion
  • Following the American Psychological Association’s Guidelines

    Following the American Psychological Association’s Guidelines

    Running Head: Art History Art History Following the American Psychological Association’s Guidelines Student’s Name Institution Abstract 1. I do agree with the current interpretations of Bosch’s garden of Delights. This is clearly a representation of a sexually perverted nation with the sexually alluring women and men trying to entice them. The fruits also greatly increase in the sexual perversion. However, human beings have been given the chance to choose what they want to do with their lives and the owl represents both folly and wisdom. Those who succumb to their folly have the same destiny,

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    Submitted: December 25, 2018 By: WairaguHelen
  • Fritz Lang in Movie M

    Fritz Lang in Movie M

    Fritz Lang, in his film M, uses editing and sounds to influence the audience’s perception of the characters and events. On multiple occasions, voiceovers are used when a character is reading off a paper or making some sort of announcement. Often, while the voiceovers are being spoken parallel editing is used with cutaways to show the actions of other characters happening simultaneously. These covey to the audience a sense of chronology: with the character continuously speaking, the audience is able to follow what is shown onscreen while allowing new information to be added without

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    Submitted: November 12, 2018 By: frantz
  • Goodbye, Farewell and Dismantle the Traditional War Narrative

    Goodbye, Farewell and Dismantle the Traditional War Narrative

    Omar Giselle Omar Goodbye, Farewell and Dismantle the Traditional War Narrative There's nothing more hotly contested than a series finale. After investing years into a show, people are hoping to get the ultimate payoff. Some series finales fall short, and some are able to give audiences the resolution they deserve in a logical manner. From 1983 until 2010, anti-war dramedy M*A*S*H’s finale “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” was the most watched television broadcast in American history. It still stands as the most-watched finale of any television series, as well as the most-watched episode[1]. Throughout it’s tenure,

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    Submitted: May 16, 2018 By: gomar
  • Guns N Roses

    Guns N Roses

    • 1982 • Steven adler(drums) saul hudson-slash(guitar) • A finales de 1984 fueron a LA a la tocada de una banda llamada Holliwood Rose principales Jeff isabelle y billy bailey conocidos como Izzy stradlin and axl rose para slash y steven les impacto axl • Vicky Hamilton presento a axl y a slash… Steven penso que si tenian a axl como cantante y a Slash de guitarrista iban a ser grandes • Marzo 1985 steven y slash se habian unido con axl e izzy y ese mismo mes Michael duff mckagan completo el grupo y

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    Submitted: August 11, 2013 By: mar22
  • Hero Movie Plot

    Hero Movie Plot

    (Plot) In the movie Hero (Zhang Yimou, 2002) which revolves around the conversation between the King Qin and Nameless. The plot of the movie starts off with Nameless arriving at the castle and escorted to the throne room, where he tells the king his side of the story on how he is able to get the weapon from Sky. Followed by the second plot where Nameless then continues on his story on how he further obtain the rest of the two weapons from Broken Sword and Flying Snow. In the third plot the king find

    Essay Length: 2,037 Words / 9 Pages
    Submitted: September 23, 2016 By: kokujin
  • Humanity 105 Toyko Story Final

    Humanity 105 Toyko Story Final

    Professor Corbett Humanity 105 10 December 2015 Tokyo Story The first scene that I will be addressing from Ozu’s Tokyo Story is where Koichi’s sons find out that they will not be going out with their grandparents and father because Koichi has to see to a patient. The oldest son Minoru has a temper tantrum towards his mother in front of his grandparents. The interesting part is that the adult’s reaction is to laugh it off and excuse this behavior because they believe it is normal for children this age, as the grandfather stated “...boys

    Essay Length: 844 Words / 4 Pages
    Submitted: May 11, 2019 By: Purple_Erkel
  • Hypothetical Issue in Christianity

    Hypothetical Issue in Christianity

    LIBERTY UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DIVINITY Essay 2 Submitted to Dr. Mark Allen, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of APOL 220 – D01 LUO by Joseph Sheck April 22, 2019 Essay 2 In this paper I would like to demonstrate the “Inside Out” method to two hypothetical issues a friend has about Christianity. The first issue is that Christians seem so intolerant and judgmental. I would firstly agree with my friend on this touchpoint. I would say it also depends on that particular denomination’s worldview. I would need to know however which

    Essay Length: 735 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: July 19, 2019 By: Crock79
  • Jazz Artists

    Jazz Artists

    Various Jazz Artists Norah Jones, Mary Halvorson, Ella Fitzgerald, Django Reinhardt, and Wynton Marsalis are a few jazz artists who were popular as far back as the 1930s until now. Norah Jones is the daughter of Indian musician, Ravi Shankar. Prior to college, Jones had won Down Beat’s Student Music Award for Best Jazz Vocalist and Best Original Composition. Jones’ sound can vary from jazz blended with country, folk, soul, and pop. Her vocal style is light-lyric soprano and has a soothing, breathy and husky sound, which is her signature trait. Mary Halvorson is an

    Essay Length: 312 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: April 4, 2018 By: dvhilton
  • Ji Suk - a Long Visit Review

    Ji Suk - a Long Visit Review

    A Long Visit Ji-suk’s mom (Kim Hae-sook) has always been proud of her daughter, who has grown up to become a smart and beautiful woman. her mother always give priority to Ji Suk than his brother. Everything is submitted by his mother as long as Ji Suk happy. But it is not commensurate with what is done by Ji Suk. When there is a parent meeting at the school Ji Suk does not allow her to come. This is done because Ji Suk has a poor mother. As time goes eventually, Ji suk was already

    Essay Length: 417 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: February 7, 2017 By: Astrid Widyastuti
  • Live Jazz Concert Attendance and Review Paper

    Live Jazz Concert Attendance and Review Paper

    History of Jazz Music – MUSI 20900.R10 SP18-C81 Concert Attendance Paper March 5, 2017 Live Jazz Concert Attendance and Review Paper On Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 7:30am, I attended a live Jazz concert held at the Lorain County Community College (LCCC) Stocker Arts Center – Hoke Theatre. There were two Jazz bands performing that evening – The Lorain County All-Star Jazz Band and The LCCC Jazz Band. Earlier in the day, the Stocker Arts Center – Hoke Theatre hosted the inaugural high school Jazz Festival which included Jazz bands from numerous Lorain County high

    Essay Length: 855 Words / 4 Pages
    Submitted: April 13, 2019 By: Robert45
  • Mas N Steel and Gamelan Ensemble Report

    Mas N Steel and Gamelan Ensemble Report

    Mas N Steel is a Trinidadian-Style steelband that contains percussion instruments called "pans". This type of musical style originated in Trinidad and Tobago, where pans are the national instrument. Pans are made from 55 gallon steel drums and in-turn are part of the idiophone family. The steel "pan" is hit with sticks that have a rubber tip on the end. A few pan musicians are known for using four pan-sticks at once, two in each hand. This particular style is believed to have come from early 20th century carnival groups called Tamboo Bamboo. Through the

    Essay Length: 1,676 Words / 7 Pages
    Submitted: December 31, 2014 By: btalaber
  • Merchants of Cool Reaction

    Merchants of Cool Reaction

    Merchants of Cool The Merchants of Cool was a very interesting insight into what drives most of the marketing to teens in present day America. There were many different techniques and some very edgy material displayed about how marketers seek to get the attention of teens. One such issue was the way that they often used rebellion as a marketing tool. It seemed to me throughout the entire show that all of the things and ideas that were presented were trying to make being a rebel, against almost anything, into something desirable. 1. While

    Essay Length: 783 Words / 4 Pages
    Submitted: November 10, 2014 By: nathmantim
  • Most Important Political and Historical Events That Happened in Years.

    Most Important Political and Historical Events That Happened in Years.

    Briefly describe the most important political and historical events that happened in these years. 1 – 1565: The first town, St. Augustine, Florida, was established by the Europeans, the Spanish. Later burned by the English in 1586. 2 – 1776: America is declared independent from the Kingdom of Great Britain on the 4th of July. This day is still a national holiday. 3 – 1803: In 1803 the United States negotiated the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France for $15 million. With that America doubled in size, making it one of the largest nations

    Essay Length: 328 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: October 21, 2014 By: sophiedehaan1
  • Movie Analyst of Fletch

    Movie Analyst of Fletch

    Chevy Chase portrays, Erwin “Fletch” Fletcher, an investigative reporter who, at the start, is determined to cover the mystery source behind the hardcore drugs that are pouring into the city of Los Angeles. While this may have been his initial intent, after a “chance” encounter with Alan Stanwyck, which does not add up, Fletch turns his sights on a new mystery. Why does Stanwyck what to be murdered? From the most minor offense of loitering (MPC 250.6)to major offenses like entrapment and kidnapping, Fletch and the cast take you through the twists and turns of

    Essay Length: 1,327 Words / 6 Pages
    Submitted: June 10, 2016 By: Brittany Hansard

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